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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Great Decade! Great Year

2000 has been a great decade!
2009 has been a great year!

I completed high school & college and next year I will get my JD and my Masters by the Grace of God. I have grown so much in this past year.

I give God all the Glory! Thank you Abba Father!

In 2010, my mouth will be filled with laughter & my tongue with singing because The Lord hath done great things for me. Psalm 126.

~2010 - Year of Enlargement~

Catch 22 - Forgiving

You want to forgive. You may even want to forget.

Forgiving is necessary. Forgetting helps with forgiving. Forgetting is not all the way realistic though. Especially when something happens again. It’s inevitable that you remember the past. Propensity.

My question is what’s the line between Forgiving and Faking?

If you are only forgiving because it’s mandatory, not because you really want to, after a while, to an extent, that could be faking.

  • Can you say you've truly forgiven someone when you’d rather not have any interaction with this person and want nothing to do with them? 
  • Or when you happen to see someone you have forgiven, you act in a civil manner, as a Christian ought to, but quickly attempt to escape their presence.
– Is that forgiving or faking? Can it be both? Or is it something different altogether?

Catch 22 - Dating in the Church

You want to “date” someone you know but you don’t want to ruin your friendship.

  • so don’t date just talk – red flag for confusion.

You want to “talk to” someone in your religious gathering (i.e. church or fellowship) but then everyone is monitoring your relationship.

  • So just get to know them – hang out – red flag for confusion again.

You “hang out” but then you’re creating an image or an atmosphere.
  • So hang out in groups only – that’s not all the way realistic. – and the red flag is bound to go up again…Reading more into innocent actions.

Must everything be defined to avoid the red flags? Doesn’t that create awkward flags and take away from the naturalness?

Talking to some friends: I am leaning more towards the anti dating-someone-from-my-church or fellowship. There are just too many circles.

But at the same time you want to talk to someone you know well enough and have enough people to give you character references on this person. The people I hang out with the most, are from church and fellowship. Therefore, the people I see and would consider dating are naturally within the same spheres.

Moreover, when I try the date-someone-not-from-my-church or fellowship route that turns out to be mmm a “lesson learned.” Surprisingly, the only two people I’ve dated have now become/becoming friends to people that I grew up with. I don’t know how I feel about that (smh!) lol – but if it’s bettering them as a person then, what’s my own?

My own is another lesson which could lead to: Do not bring this person around your friends and family until it is really serious. But then there’s another catch 22 because you would want to see how well they mesh with your friends and family.

Regardless, I don’t really see the point in dating. There is no ex if there is no dating right? I’m doing God and me until God tells me what’s up or who is up – then it’ll be all three. However, I’m not in a rush I’m on God’s time because I know He makes everything beautiful in His time.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, I still think (for now) I’ll stick to the anti dating-someone-from-my-church or fellowship rule. I won’t let some God-fearing man with apparently player-like tendencies make me feel uncomfortable in my church, once he is on to the next one. Fall back players. :-) What is meant to be will be.
~Eyes Wide Open~


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Goodbye Fall 2009

But first I want to say whoever said 3L year - you are bored to death is a LIE if I ever saw one. This was such a busy semester like omg! But His grace was more than sufficient. Like Thank You G(OD)! so much!

"You will be excellent like Daniel!" -Grandma oh wait and the "Gbemisola say Amen!" Amen! Grandma AMEN!!

She ain't lying. This has been a great end to the semester.

I got nominated for an excellence in trial advocacy award - was not expecting that at all! Three hours every Wednesday night at the Champaign Courthouse. After 8am class --eww gross not since high school-- and a 3 hour class with a no laptop policy. --omg you won't let me use my laptop for 3 hours?-- lol but I actually liked that class, and even that day as my busiest day. Partly due to my section mates. Shoutout to Section I - thee best section hands down. We had some good laughs! BANG BANG! lol.

I really have to enlarge His territory and take the limits off. 2010 is my Year of Enlargement - JHC proclaimed via Pastor Bayo. Im claiming it alllllready.

Two graduations, milestone birthday, and my internship in a new city which I am so excited to go to!

2010 is going to be so different; as in better different greater different excellent different. Exciting.

That's because I serve an Everlasting, Faithful, Merciful God!

El Olam

"...You cannot go out of existence for You were not brought into existence...

What He was yesterday, He is today, and He will be for ever more.

The promises He has made concerning your future will stand because He is always watching over His word to perform it. Faithful God!

Up Up Jesus!

He is fulfilling my dreams and moving mountains!

I'm going Closer to my dreams I’m moving upward and onward and beyond all I can see

Closer to my dreams
Feel it all over my being
Close your eyes and see what you believe.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Favor Isn't Fair

Wow. Serendipity. (just got some good news) God's time is definitely The Best time.

Thank you Jesus. Thank you College of Law.

Xtina is having the best week ever and it's just Tuesday! VH1 Holler at me.

Furthermore, God is blessing those around me too! Case in point Julie and Laolu! Hollllllllerrrrrrrrrrrr (I said I was in good company!) In the midst of rejoicing with those who were rejoicing, He was doing something for me too.

Favor isn't fair and I'm not mad at that!

Thank you Jesus. I'm not ashamed!!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

I passed the MPRE!

This is part two of the other testimony, a part three is coming, when I get my grades (claimed! holla!  ~Amen). (*singing* everybody testify You are good *Igbo dancing* Jehovah...) in fact...*snap*

The weekend I went to Atl (11/8) I also had to take this important test on Saturday morning. This test was conveniently sandwiched between two exams in my masters program, the never-ending case (of course) and the usual class work etc. with a strong dose of lack of sleep but the plane ride  home was grrreat. However, not my idea of a fun time at all!

Today I found out I passed it! I Passed the MPRE! Glory to my Homie! GOD! Thank you Jesus. I KNOW I could not have done it without Him. Thank You Thank You Thank You Jesus!!!!

God told me I did not have to labor in vain, so I reminded Him back. In essence, I said what I heard and now I am seeing what I said! "Say what you heard so you can see what you said."

MPRE-ethical (check) (12/07/09)
Character and Fitness-honest and law abiding (check) (09/11/09)

Next stop (after these finals...and the next two semesters of finals...) THE BAR!!!
It's already in God's hands! Amen. Allllready!

I'm so excited for my future!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I don't want it to *look* good. I want it to BE good.

"I want to get to Heaven with a life poured out, not with a life that looks perfect.  I want it to not look good.  I want it to be good!"

--Darlene Zschech

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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