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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Goodbye Fall 2009

But first I want to say whoever said 3L year - you are bored to death is a LIE if I ever saw one. This was such a busy semester like omg! But His grace was more than sufficient. Like Thank You G(OD)! so much!

"You will be excellent like Daniel!" -Grandma oh wait and the "Gbemisola say Amen!" Amen! Grandma AMEN!!

She ain't lying. This has been a great end to the semester.

I got nominated for an excellence in trial advocacy award - was not expecting that at all! Three hours every Wednesday night at the Champaign Courthouse. After 8am class --eww gross not since high school-- and a 3 hour class with a no laptop policy. --omg you won't let me use my laptop for 3 hours?-- lol but I actually liked that class, and even that day as my busiest day. Partly due to my section mates. Shoutout to Section I - thee best section hands down. We had some good laughs! BANG BANG! lol.

I really have to enlarge His territory and take the limits off. 2010 is my Year of Enlargement - JHC proclaimed via Pastor Bayo. Im claiming it alllllready.

Two graduations, milestone birthday, and my internship in a new city which I am so excited to go to!

2010 is going to be so different; as in better different greater different excellent different. Exciting.

That's because I serve an Everlasting, Faithful, Merciful God!

El Olam

"...You cannot go out of existence for You were not brought into existence...

What He was yesterday, He is today, and He will be for ever more.

The promises He has made concerning your future will stand because He is always watching over His word to perform it. Faithful God!

Up Up Jesus!

He is fulfilling my dreams and moving mountains!

I'm going Closer to my dreams I’m moving upward and onward and beyond all I can see

Closer to my dreams
Feel it all over my being
Close your eyes and see what you believe.

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