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Thursday, October 27, 2011

So about that list….

Yesterday, I had a meeting with my Pastor. As a young woman meeting with my Pastor, people automatically assumed I was telling him my prince has found me. *screams* :-)

After the nth time of being asked subtly and overtly, I played along and acquiesced with a smile.  If everyone keeps asking, they must know something that I am yet to know, might as well claim it. *shrug*

While waiting for my meeting, another Pastor on the leadership team, asked me “well what kind of things are you looking for in your mate?

Of course I have this written down, so I busted out my laptop and opened “the list” for her.

I haven’t revisited the list in a while.  I mentally revisited the list over the summer when I learned the Sermon on the Mount lifestyle is what the King is looking for in His Son’s bride.  Likewise, I should also possess those characteristics and desire these characteristics in my "life partner" as my grandma commonly calls it, (almost every time she asks me, almost every time she sees me, and subsequently every time she prays for me……God bless the intercessory grandma's!)

Apart from that, I hadn’t really considered my list since the soul mate (woman’s perspective, man’s perspectivewrap-up) blog posts and the subsequent discussions that flowed from those posts about 6 months ago.

Going back to my particular list, which may or may not have been posted, the lists are anonymous ;-) she began to go over it with me.  I couldn’t help but to laugh, as we went down the list.

Christina, does this person exist?.... He does not have to..... Is he a clown!.... What…! Why....? What does this even mean?” [insert chuckles here and there]

Granted, I'm not "married" to this list and wouldn't use it as the end all be all check list, as that would be unreasonable. However, listening to my list being verbally processed by another was humorous.

Some of my characteristics were taken from Godly matrimony's that I have witnessed and a combination of teachings.  Undoubtedly, many married couples with the admirable Godly relationships did not have their current relationships, pre-marriage (aka courting or dating) and possibly for some time post-nuptials (aka "the ceremony").  So one should not necessarily expect all the desired characteristics from the get-go.

I realized my previous list, was more so a list of desired characteristics in my husband, after years of growing together, learning and knowing each other.

My list now consists of 4 main things of equal importance:
  1. Friend
  2. Faithful
  3. God-loving
  4. Prayerful

I have two more preferences but they are certainly not deal breakers.

Given that we do not have a soul mate, that is until we have chosen our life partner, we do have our Sovereign Lord.  He knows my whole story from beginning to eternity.

So until that part of my story comes along, I know He knows the desires of my heart.  I’ll pray that He would conform my desires, to His desires for me.

And rest assured His will, will be done.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

LIFE: abortion is a death penalty too.

Last month one man was judicially tried, convicted and sentenced to death by lethal injection also known as the death penalty.  The death penalty has been outlawed in several states including Illinois.  However, Troy Davis was tried in Georgia, a state which still allows capital punishment.  People were outraged using various avenues and sites to speak out against the death penalty, all the way to the front steps of the courts even.

Last month about 108,333 innocent children were murdered by abortion.

Some of the people who were so adamantly opposed to the Troy Davis sentence are pro-choice.  In other words, there are people opposed to the death penalty and in support of abortion.  This philosophy just does not align logically.  I would imagine as a  principle, if you are against the death penalty for an adult, you would also be against the death penalty for a child, moreover a child who is not suspected of committing any crime at all, whatsoever.

This is a short post calling for more agreement in prayer to end abortion.  I pray that all who believe that our Sovereign Lord is God alone, and anyone with morals for that matter, will see the congruency between the death penalty and abortion.  I pray that all believers will see that abortion is 21st century genocide, especially targeted to the minority populations. Additionally, I pray that believers of Christ will speak out against abortion and make informed decisions when voting.  I also pray that pregnant women/parents will choose LIFE.

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. 
Proverbs 31:8
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