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Monday, December 7, 2009

I passed the MPRE!

This is part two of the other testimony, a part three is coming, when I get my grades (claimed! holla!  ~Amen). (*singing* everybody testify You are good *Igbo dancing* Jehovah...) in fact...*snap*

The weekend I went to Atl (11/8) I also had to take this important test on Saturday morning. This test was conveniently sandwiched between two exams in my masters program, the never-ending case (of course) and the usual class work etc. with a strong dose of lack of sleep but the plane ride  home was grrreat. However, not my idea of a fun time at all!

Today I found out I passed it! I Passed the MPRE! Glory to my Homie! GOD! Thank you Jesus. I KNOW I could not have done it without Him. Thank You Thank You Thank You Jesus!!!!

God told me I did not have to labor in vain, so I reminded Him back. In essence, I said what I heard and now I am seeing what I said! "Say what you heard so you can see what you said."

MPRE-ethical (check) (12/07/09)
Character and Fitness-honest and law abiding (check) (09/11/09)

Next stop (after these finals...and the next two semesters of finals...) THE BAR!!!
It's already in God's hands! Amen. Allllready!

I'm so excited for my future!

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