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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Several Voices Same Message to Me..all that time

wow.. God definitely uses several people to get the same message to you. I read the open heavens online today, Several Voices Same Message, after praying with a friend from ACFYAC this morning.
Several Voices Same Message

  • The very night before law school orientation, someone I met from CLEO and I were running errands and decided to stop at the law school just to look around. We met a guy who was doing the joint degree and then He was speaking to me. 
  • During 1st semester of law school, I spoke to another guy from BLSA and even though I thought I was just meant to connect him to a girl in my section who was interested in the same program as well He was actually speaking to me. 
  • Went to a get together, met two more people in that same program, He was speaking to me then.
  • My friend was studying for the GRE and applying, He was speaking to me then
  • When I went to meet one of my advisors from a summer law program I did, He spoke to me then. 
  • My amtrak was delayed and I reunited with my mentor from the summer law program and she also happened to be doing that program now a semester after graduating law school, and He was speaking to me.
  • In November, we had a Black Alumni Reunion, the lady from class of '91, who had the same BLSA exec position I did (Dir. of Comm. Serv.)  was telling me about why she did the same program and of course He was speaking to me then too.
I think I'm pretty quick with getting messages generally but after all that, I still didn't quite get The message. And even when it took me awhile to get the message, HE still worked it out for me!
  • How I got into a class meant for mainly 3rd years as a 2nd year - God. 
  • And subsequently did well in the class and the professor was a key person to meet in so many aspects - God
  • How I was accepted into my joint program - God! (the applications were already closed, the class was already selected before I even applied or even took the GRE, there was already a long wait list - God did it for His daughter. He is still in The Business of working things out for His children, don't allow anyone to tell you otherwise).
  • How I did well on the GRE after studying for only 1 week! - God.

The call today and what GO wrote for today comes at a great time since the next chapter is quickly approaching...., they spoke on the same things and I was actually looking for my next message. I think I'm getting it! =) This fast from irrelevancy is great. God is putting relevant people in my path and using relevant people already in my life. This is just one example of several!

Too happy no matter what happens. Too many things to thank HIM for! THANK YOU FOREVER.

Have a blessed day!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I have to go court watching for Trial Advocacy. I decided to try the Federal Courthouse to see a criminal jury trial today. Watching the R.Kelly trial live! last summer was still the best I've seen so far.

I think the defense attorney lost the case for the 3x & FEDERAL! defendant (which means he'll be going away for a loong time) when he started talking about "crack babies!"

Then somehow he started talking about Peter in the Bible and how the red font distinguishes that God is speaking, and how someone was getting popped in Chicago and Big D'Juan...

He also said "There is place in hell for anyone who deals cocaine." whaaaaaat?? I just wonder what was going on in the defendant's head while his attorney was "defending" him.

I didn't see the case from the beginning but based off that closing he must not have had much to go off or he is just bad. He can't be that bad if he made it to the ranks of Federal defender...but then again who really wants to defend people that are more likely than not, GUILTY? I don't....I have seen him before and he wasn't that impressive I think he did the same stunt, makes you think he is working for the other side.

Anyways, the US attorney rebutted with:

When the facts are against you; argue the law
When the law is against you; argue the facts
When the both are against you; confuse someone in the jury.

He definitely succeeded in the latter because even I was confused. For a second, I didn't know if I was in church, or at a comedy show. He threw all kinds of things in that closing. The jury is in deliberation but I don't think they'll be for long.

Yeah maybe he is guilty of drug possession, but as is commonly the case, he was the only black person in the courtroom.

The jury (of your peers) box had 3 females, 9 males, all Caucasian. My courtwatching badge indicated I was not related to him... nope we're not all related.

UPDATE: The Defendant was found Guilty on all counts; Conspiracy, Drug Possession and Trafficking.

Permanent Fast from Irrelevancy

I am permanently fasting...

Fasting from irrelevancy and any [person, place or thing] related to it.

I am on a pathway that has been predestined by my Maker. Predestined for GREATNESS and EXCELLENCE. Better is the end than the beginning. Better is the end of every rest stop on this highway.

Irrelevancy will only slow me down and get in my way.

Please, please don't interrupt my permanent fast from irrelevancy. No offense.

If you are relevant then this does not apply to you.  In fact, you should join me on this fast. It will help you as you go down your destined pathway. So far so good. I feel very healthy. =) re: 1st post ceasing to spend Major on Minor.

Friday, September 18, 2009

What is 4 blackbirds - 1 blackbird?

I was reading an assignment for Employment Relations and this question was in the beginning of the Managing Diversity Chapter. I think it is brilliant.

A 2nd grade school teacher asks - "There are four blackbirds sitting in a tree. You take a slingshot and shoot one of them. How many are left?

Three, answered the seven-year old European with certainty. "One subtracted from four leaves three."

Zero, answered the African seven-year old with equal certainty. "If you shoot one bird the others will fly away."

Which child answered correctly?

I posted it onto two young adult groups and this is my interpretation:

As Christians...

The European child's logic relates to our relationship with God and our relationship with the unsaved.

1. Think of the struck bird as yourself; when it is your time to meet the Lord.

No one else's stewardship will be able to save us i.e. your prayerful parents, dedicated spouse, ordained relative, etc. We will be accountable for ourselves, when we stand before Him from our actions, character, and I think most importantly our daily relationship with Him; devotions, prayer etc.

And when it is your time to go, the rest of life will go on. However,...

-Did we do everything we were supposed to do during our time on that tree(earth)?
-Would the other birds on that tree have no doubt in their mind where we are going after leaving the tree, by the way we lived our life day in and day out?

2. Think of the struck bird as an unsaved person in your life (work, school, friend etc).

The blood of our friends and people we come into contact with is in our hands. Imagine if you have a friend or family member that is not saved. And we go on with our daily regiment possibly taking a few things for granted as they haphazardly live their lives without knowing God. Suddenly, it is their time to go and we did not make sure that we did what we could to make sure they were saved.

-Did we, as the salt and light of the earth, speak/minister to everyone we were supposed to on that tree?

The African child's logic relates to our relationship with other Kingdom builders.

1. Think of the struck bird as another Christian in your life.

This can be a Christian friend struggling with anything. Basically, we are our brother's keeper, and we all should stick together and build each other up and help each other to become better people. This includes praying, fellowshipping, celebrating, checking up on each other and holding each other accountable. My coach used to say we're only as strong as our weakest link. We can not watch one of us backslide or go back into the world and do nothing about it.

So maybe the story has a happy ending if the other three birds quickly went to help the bird and did all they could to help their friend. On the other hand, maybe the other three birds just flew away to another comfort zone, and left their fallen mate to the world to eat at; not a happy ending.

2 cents. Holla.


Life is a journey, not a destination,
There are no mistakes, just chances we’ve taken
Lay down your regrets cause all we have is now.

Do you ever enter that "what was I thinking!?"state, about some decision or thought you've made in the past? Gross. What in the world was I thinking!!!!!! SMH! Can I get a witness? I know I'm not the only one this has happened to...

It[they] made absolutely no sense! Since God is not the author of confusion, I definitely was blinded or misguided by something or someone else; I am not exactly sure what or who it was or even why, but it was not God. CONFUSED! & maybe a bit disappointed, but I can't really be because lessons were learned nonetheless, so I'm more knowledgeable than before. [but eww Gross. =) ] Knowledge is power so I'm more powerful than I was before. I know where He brought me from and I'm better than I was before. I take it as an answered prayer. Ese Baba!

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct [and He shall direct] your path."Proverbs 3: 5-6 and it is a song. I'm looking for it...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life; you don't say


"They" say:
  • Life is tough.
  • Life isn't fair.
  • Life is short.
I say:
  • Life is love.
  • Life is people.
  • Life is for Christ.
When I think about the Lord
How He saved me, how He raised me
How He filled me with the Holy Ghost
How He healed me to the uttermost

When I think about the Lord
How He picked me up and turned me around
How He placed my feet on solid ground

It makes me want to shout
Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus!
Lord, you're worthy
of all the glory, and all the honor
and all the praise!

And so all I can say is:

Thank You Lord for life!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where there is no vision people perish

Write the vision and make it plain so that those who see it may run with it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Be Blessed! -- No Worries. No Wondering.

God knew me before my mother knew me. He knew the beginning and the end of every story in my life. So there is no need to worry or wonder about anything! It's already been settled.

"Be Blessed
Don't live life in distress
Just let go let God
He'll work it out for you"

Be Blessed
-Yolanda Adams

When I hear this song it makes me want to dance.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My wonderful uncle.

There is a time for everything. . . Ecclesiastes 3.

Sunday morning my Grand Uncle went to meet his Maker, Our Lord and Savior. He was a wonderful man and the reason why I enjoy going back to Nigeria every time.

He came on a Sunday, left on a Sunday, and did a lot of Great things in between. A wonderful family man with a great loving wife and 5 wonderful children. He was a husband, uncle, brother, cousin, friend, doctor, and the list goes on.

I take comfort in knowing he was a God fearing born again man.

It is time to celebrate my grand uncle. 71 years old. May you Rest in Perfect Peace Amen. Love Always - Funmi.

... There are too many important aspects to this life.

... There are too many important aspects to this life.

With that said, I cease to spend any major time on minor people ever again starting today. I just had to write about it and speak nothing further on it. Like I said, there are TOO many important aspects to this life that I will not let slip away. There is work to do. I will not allow maturely challenged people to take my joy! This is the month of DIVINE JOY! HOLLA!
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