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Saturday, November 20, 2010

City Girl Swag

"Welcome to New York City, the new Windy City," says the flight attendant. The plane ride was exceptionally bumpy because of the wind. We had to fly over Connecticut because of the winds. On the way to the hotel, I see a group of black, white and Puerto-Rican school girls walking carefree in a group, fighting the wind. I like the view.

Bell Man: Where are you from?
Me: Chicago.
BM: Oh Chicago, I lived in Naperville. I've lived everywhere!
Me: So where do you like the best?
BM: oh New York, definitely! What do you like to do for fun?
Me: Dance.
BM: Are you kidding me? Everything is here. Dance, shows, the arts, everything. You'll love it!
Me: *Smile*

That's nice. As soon as I get upstairs to my room, I look outside the window and see a dance studio! I didn't even unpack or anything. I just stared out the window for a few good minutes sitting on the window ledge, taking pictures with my phone, appreciating the beauty of the Big Apple. I like the view.

I see an older male figure walking a younger female home from school. It looks like a uncle-niece relationship but it could be young looking father- daughter or half-brother half-sister relationship. The little girl was so cute, she had a lot of untamed sandy brown hair blowing in the wind, with cotton lace up knee boots. She had a Willow Smith look to her. New Yorkers have a different style, a different swag. I like it.

I walk down the block to grab some Chipotle. My new friend got excited for this bakery we passed on the way to the hotel, I was content when I saw the Chipotle. I decide to dine-in to city and people watch while I eat, why not? I see two sisters, they look like identical twins but their personalities based on their attire are fraternal. One is a tomboy, with baggy yet girly pants and sneakers. The other is a girly girl, with a skirt, winter tights and ugg boots. Both sisters have their hair pulled back in a bun.

I start walking back and notice my pace is a half-step slower than most New Yorkers. I'm a city girl, but I look like a tourist. It's definitely a faster-paced city. I could pick up the pace, but I'm in awe of the views. I like the view. Sometimes, it's good to just slow down and take in the view.

I decide to cross the street to see if I can get into the dance studio. I got in! I had to talk my way upstairs and wait for a couple of locked doors to open but after explaining my interest to one of the directors, I get escorted into the studio through the back. There are so many people here in different dance attire; sweat pants, over-sized and cut-up shirts, and tights with funky sneakers. I need a pair of funky sneakers. They're either waiting for their class to begin or they're in a class. They're not dancing for a show, just because they love to dance. I would totally do that! I get carried away watching Studio 5, the hip hop studio, and the time flies. Unfortunately, it's time for me to leave the studio. By now the sun has set and the streets are fully lit.

Next stop Times Square. The city never sleeps. The lights are bright and beautiful, everywhere. The trash bags come out onto the sidewalks at night and I even like that, adds to the culture of the city. I meet up with a friend from undergrad and continue my quick sightseeing. Being a tourist is so liberating. It feels so free. And it's always good to catch up with old friends. We walk around for a minute to find some place to eat. As we walk (fast) I see the British-style architecture and layout of the neighborhoods. (I've heard this comparison before, but I've never actually been to the UK to see it with my own eyes yet, so I guess that's hearsay). The four story buildings on the side streets look just like the backdrops on Crooklyn. We find a Thai place, on accident, no less. I took a risk with my order and it was pretty good, very satisfying, so I'll be back.

All in all, it was a good yet short-lived trip with nice weather for walking. I couldn't imagine driving in that city though or at least that area of the city. I took a few pictures which you can see on the right pane.

Thank God for the little adventures He brings our way. Another chance to see the beautiful work of His hand. So much more to see though. I hope to return soon.

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  1. I love New York, the city of lights ahh! I always feel liberated walking through Times Square and I would sit on one of those public shares and just people watch...everyone hurrying somewhere, not paying attention to me. I wouldn't live there though, it's a place i can go marvel for a while and come back to good ol' Chicago.


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