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Friday, January 6, 2012

Christians Protesting.

In light of the recent Occupy Nigeria protests, and discussions last Fall regarding mobilizing people to conduct silent prayer meetings in front of abortion clinics, (when the clinics are closed), (Bound4Life), I want to know what you all think about Christians protesting and silently seiging.

To give you an idea of where some people have fallen in the discussions, I'll provide you with a brief outline:

On the one hand, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal.  Protests typically have a negative connotation. Thoughts of rioting come to mind, when protests get out of control, which they have the tendency to do, as they are emotionally driven.

Regarding protesting, some believe our energy can be channeled to a more effective means of affecting change.  Firstly, we can "protest" to our just Judge, Our Father in Heaven.  We could intercede from a room, tucked away from the public, where we are not visible and God will still hear and can answer our prayers. Additionally, one person can pray for something to happen and it could happen.  Lastly, depending on your skills and giftings, in addition to prayer, you can do other things. ie educating, writing etc.

On the other hand, we are commissioned to go out into the world and be bold, spreading the gospel and truth.  Protesting and seiging certainly make statements to the public. Regarding seiging specifically, the prayer meeting makes a statement to the public while warring in the Spirit on behalf of others.  Furthermore, there is something more powerful, more impacting, when praying with others.  Notwithstanding, the importance and presence of God while connecting with God on your own, in your secret place.  However,when believers come together and join their faith, God is in their midst and the presence of God is felt.

I want to know what you think. So, what are your thoughts about Christians protesting? Share what you know about this topic, based on your own revelation or teachings you have received.



  1. I believe that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but there's [should be] the widely accepted truth, that faith without work is dead.

    So if a christian -who has said a prayer- goes on to protest (obviously without falling into sin) then I believe that same christian/protest to be justified.

    Emphasis on "without falling into sin"

  2. I totally agree with with what was said above. I believe as Christians we need to be bold in making our stand concerning matters in our world and take part in protests "without falling into sin".
    I am encouraged when i see/hear of Christians taking a stand through protests- however sometimes i dont think we present it in love (ref- 1 peter 15). Which makes us unnatractive to Non-Christians.

  3. In the year 2000, Christians in Kaduna (Northern Nigeria) protested against Sharia law, on their way back they were attacked by Muslims-many Christians killed. In 2002, everything was set for the implementation of full Sharia law in Niger State, Nigeria. But a night before, the intercessory group I belong to then embarked on a silent prophetic siege around government house. We walked round declaring God’s word and till date full Sharia law remains a dead story in Niger State. Instead,what was done (stopped public drinking of alcohol and closed down brothels) worked for the good of the church-more souls added to the kingdom. This is to buttress power of silent siege not that am against peaceful protest (Note: peaceful protest).
    I believe Christians have vital roles to play in everything happening in their nation which can be done in different ways as the Lord leads. We are responsible to speak to God, situations and force behind it (in this case: Naija leaders).But we must trust God for the right words (Job 6:25) that will make effect (Job 29:22) in our protest. We must also ensure the people leading or following us are still on track with the very purpose of the protest.
    I like to use this means to let us know: We may not see Egypt or Libya kind of revolution, but a spiritual revolution is on in Nigeria and most of what we see are results of answered prayers because God uses anything and anyone (including satan) to answer prayers. So we must be sensitive as Christians to what God want to achieve per time and ready to roar against the enemy that may try to hijack it.
    Hey! Hope I’m not preaching here? Xtian,thanks for the privilege.

  4. I love Emmanuel's response and I think it should be spread far and wide. I wrote a piece a few days ago on this matter here, which touches on what Emmanuel said -

  5. Sorry for another comment but this post by a friend also asks the same question and he received a number of comments. His prompted mine.

    I mentioned your post on his blog.


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