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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Catch 22 - Forgiving

You want to forgive. You may even want to forget.

Forgiving is necessary. Forgetting helps with forgiving. Forgetting is not all the way realistic though. Especially when something happens again. It’s inevitable that you remember the past. Propensity.

My question is what’s the line between Forgiving and Faking?

If you are only forgiving because it’s mandatory, not because you really want to, after a while, to an extent, that could be faking.

  • Can you say you've truly forgiven someone when you’d rather not have any interaction with this person and want nothing to do with them? 
  • Or when you happen to see someone you have forgiven, you act in a civil manner, as a Christian ought to, but quickly attempt to escape their presence.
– Is that forgiving or faking? Can it be both? Or is it something different altogether?


  1. I think forgiveness is a continuous process that takes time. It takes more than saying 'I forgive him/her' a few times. Some people say you should confront whoever hurt you and talk it out...I don't know about that in some cases because what if he/she does not admit fault? That'll prb make me even more upset. We also have to understand that we might have played a role in the current situation that led to that unforgiveness.

    So I can understand your options 1&2; while I am working on forgiving you, I'll distance myself. Sounds childish but maybe if you remove your self from the situation/person, it won't hurt as much anymore.

    sorry for my use of 'you' 'me' & 'we'...:)

  2. forgiving is something that you'd do for someone who is a true friend, but faking is something that often happens between simple friendly acquantices.

    "you can forgive it might not mean you forget, but you won't keep bringing it up. you can start over new." - David Harrison

  3. Forgiveness is Biblical. It's commanded of believers and true forgiveness entails the elements of Christ.

    Faking is doing what you would rather not do given your own choice.

  4. Forgive and release those feelings that you may have developed against them. I believe that it is faking when you haven't released those negative feelings. God told us to forgive because it is an aspect of Love. Do you avoid someone you Love? Forgiveness is also the first step to reconciliation. God forgives us first and then tells us to draw nigh to Him. Please don't look for the line; just avoid it faking completely. Love that other person as Jesus would love them.


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