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Friday, November 27, 2009

I rocked a fro yesterday

Dear ______,

Man we’ve been broken up for 1 year and 7 months. The first time we broke up for 6 months in 2006, and then I took you back when I was going corporate. Then I went to Nigeria and left you again for about 7 months in 2007, then 9 months in law school. Each time I just took you back because of a mixture of curiosity, fed-upness, or the opportunity just presented itself. Now it’s been 19 months!

You weren’t good for me though. So many lyes, very toxic. On the surface it probably looked good but I was disconnecting with my roots. I’ll admit sometimes I am slightly tempted to go back, but this break up is the right thing for me right now.

So Sincerely,

I’m talking about the relaxer, the perm, the chemicals, the lyes and no-lye!

Au naturale!

I tried to be my own hair beautician yesterday and by the end of the day my head was hurting. Called myself trying to deep condition, hot oil treat, press and then braid my hair. I’m halfway done with part three. That’s because it’s taking two days (maybe three, hopefully not, cross my fingers). So much so, that I had to rock a fro to Thanksgiving dinner. I don’t think (no I know) that look is not for me. Even with the afro centric touch (i.e. a nice scarf around the perimeter to accent my shirt -- nah at least not yet). Maybe when my hair gets back to its natural natural texture.

In the meantime, I have 19 months of virgin hair (natural) and I never made the big chop. (just kept braiding and pressing). So I’m pretty much all the way Au naturale by now but, I have about 5 different textures of hair in my head. Now I remember why I have not done my hair on my own in a looong time. As soon as I take the braids out, it’s straight to the shop for some washing and pressing.

At various times yesterday I thought:
  1. This would be so much easier if I had some of Madame CJ Walkers products (the chemicals)
  2. Maybe I should put a texturizer (but that would defeat the purpose of trying to get my hair back to its natural state (the good hair!)
  3. Maybe I should cut it all off and do the corporate-bob by day and funky-up-do by nights and weekends look, but again I would need a perm for that. Negative.
  4. Maybe I should get locks – but I like to switch it up a lot so I’d get bored and feel locked in after awhile. Negative again.

Anyways I tried the Chi iron. Thank God for ceramic. Otherwise my hair would be and look a hot mess after the two-week-shop-look expiration and the-week(s)-before-I-come-back to the Chi.

After 6.5 years, I have not found anyone in Champaign to bring my hair to a satisfactory state. On the other hand, I have not been actively looking. One girl used to do my hair when I was a freshman/sophomore, but she was in law school and has since graduated. But I have been to 4 people after that and … yeah… I did get some good products/stylists advice from another au naturale sister at the Thanksgiving dinner yesterday.

I was excited to get funky with my braids this time. Now that that season is over, I can spice up my hairstyles, until the summer again. I guess we’ll see how the braids turn out might have to make a quick run to the Egyptians or Dominicans. But I am determined :-)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

stand out

When others are sitting down, You should be standing;
When others are standing, You should be standing out;
When others are standing out, You should be outstanding.

nolo contendere.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

PAP 2009! KAIROS!!!


I'm still in shock. (Preparing A People) PAP 2009 was the bomb!

PAP is an annual conference that takes place during every Jesus House Chicago anniversary. This 13th year we had the pleasure of being ministered to by Pastor Sturdivant, Pastor Bayo, Pastor Otabil, Spoken Life Project, B.O.U.Q.U.I. of course The Tribe of Levites and The Apostles too, with a special ministration by the young ladies in the Covenant Land. tear. I love everything dancing.

I don't remember this much excitement and planning for other PAP's or anniversary's. 
  • I remember the 7th anniversary (I think that was the first PAP) when I was still in TCG and just came back home for Thanksgiving break as a freshman. I had to learn the AS Jesus Walks dance in less than a day.
  • I remember the 10th anniversary because we had Muyiwa/Riversongs for the Banquet.
  • I even remember the first year anniversary - I think it was at Dunbar high school! And the then little sisters, M.A. and M.A. who are now beasting on the track, shaking the hands of the first time visitors. And the guest pastor who has three daughters; Faith, Faithful, and Faithfulness.
But this one, the 13th, definitely topped the charts. And what beautiful September weather God blessed us with this Chicago....yup. No jacket = nice!

"I'm serving a God of serendipity!" As soon as I heard that, I knew that'd be my new facebook/gchat status/motto. God is able to show us things we weren't even looking for, weren't even praying for! Real estate, security, safety, and economic power, all for a person who is in their season of serendipity. Moreover, He does not need a year, He just needs a moment. That's all. Unexpected Encounters I love it!

It's a new season, it's a new day.
A fresh anointing is flowing my way.
It's a season of power and prosperity [serendipity].
It's a new season coming to me.
-Israel and New Breed

But how can I discriminate and just choose one great quote amongst several? There was so much word! Great words. It came so fast. I need to get the tape to really absorb it all.

If not for the stories we learned as kids I don't think a lot of it would have made sense. Side note: Did everyone catch that??? If Jesus was born any earlier, He would have been decapitated!!!! (like John the Baptist and not crucified) It would be a tougher story to explain Jesus coming back from the dead with no head. Man timing is everything. God is just too amazing. Man! If you're reading this and you dont understand, ask me about Him, please. I have to let you know; I have to!

"13 years! that's a long time" Daniel and Ruth on the ACFYAC call tonight.

Then it clicked after all was said and done. 13 years is a long time! It didn't really click how long it's been until they said that.  I mean I was in the covenant land (children's church) before they even had a covenant land (meaning I was in there for a short stint at the Clybourn location, we had divided cubicles based on your age). I was in TCG before Yemi K. gave it the name The Chosen Generation (Teen Ministry). Great seeing Yemi today by the way with B.o.u.q.u.i., and the other familiar faces from the other RCCG's that came from JHC.

That is time, years, progression, growth, maturation. I can boldly say now  "if you knew me back then..." and be okay with it. I might have been a little feisty back then...just a little. (now I'm sweet as

Everybody is growing up! Doing big things, making big moves. So many stories, blessings, etc etc.That's auspicious moments, advanced preparation, accessible opportunities, and audacious faith and only by the grace of our God of serendipity y'all, none other! Preparing us for our KAIROS TIME.

Happy 13th Anniversary Jesus House Chicago. (including all churches that came out of JHC!) I really love my church. Can't wait to see how we will top this years' in Twenty-Ten for the Fourteenth. Hats off to the planning committee!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A few things I like…

Lemonade, pink, no ice, fatter french fries, hot wings, Kung Pao Chicken - no nuts, bacon in cheeseburgers
Stuffed Burritos, Cookie Dough & Chocolate Chip in Ice Cream, Grapes, Plums Mangoes, Strawberries, Mexican Corn on the cob, Taffy Apples, Caramel in Chocolate

Dancing Skating Biking
Football, Track and Field, Basketball, Soccer
Eating, Cooking new recipes – and they come out right :-)
Praise and worship, words that speak - spoken word
Thoughtful messages text/email/snail/voice
meaningful Conversations

Lauryn Hill, Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr., Alicia Keys, India Arie, Anthony Hamilton
Kirk, Israel, Mary Mary, and Tye and VP! :)
Music – a lot
Avant’s bass player is a woman, does her thing in a sharp stylish suit

Broken curses growth and restoration
Blessings favor from God
Answered prayers about everything – even before I pray about them
Prophecies Fulfilled promises.
Relevancy Relevant People
Wisdom and learning, experiences that make me stronger
That the past is in the past and I cannot change it
Peace of mind & freedom & completion
My future

Siblings everywhere, healthy interactions, families
Natural hair, natural everything reality.
Happy-ending-Surprises and celebrations
Happy endings and new beginnings
Nigerian parties.
Sunny days, Saturdays, new days
Trying new things

Young love
Real love
Brown sugar friends and brown sugar love
Old love and Old people taking walks passing the test of time

Good people – family and friends
Beautiful people – internally
Honest people
True people
Real people
New friends, old friends

Rejecting the status quo
Making the “impossible,” possible
Good times.
God. His word. Life.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Game & Larry You're Being Inappropriate.


I’m so late, but I just saw The Game finale. I love that show!

So Sad. So beautiful. Tears. Kind of wish it was real life. Just read up/heard what they are doing in their real lives with the community. Even better!

I think I am going to get a shirt that says:
"Larry, you're being inappropriate!" lol!
My roommate showed me this and we thought it was too funny.

She sued (and then settled...) the Miss America pageant for religious discrimination because MA judge, Perez Hilton, asked her about her views on same-sex marriages.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

testimony #(infinity + n)

Man this VH1 Drumline marathon kind of makes me wish I was either on the drumline or went to a HBCU in the South.

Oh well at least I have the opportunity to be in the A this summer!

Two things that you say in the A that will get you some weird looks:
  1. Hotlanta! - that's outdated and overstating the obvious (it wasn't me)
  2. No Ice Please - (it was me and the waiter asked me if I was sure twice and gave me a certain look...what??? Aunty in 9ja told me way back when, if you drink ice water you will get kata.... that's not really the reason; I just don't want or like to be cold. I want to be warm like my personality =)
Was it fate? All these subtle hints and connections to ATL and the opportunity. Of course! – part of my destiny. God’s got a plan for my life like Jeremiah.

For I know the plans that I have for you says who? Says the Lord. Plans to prosper and not to harm you. To give you a hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11(The says who part we added while rapping it to the ACF kiddies as their memory verse).

God is sssssssssooooo good to me. I have a testimony. Many. And it’ll never stop but I would be remiss if I didn’t let everyone know that God is My HOMIE! and I give Him all my praise.

My joy comes from obeying Him. My wisdom comes from trusting Him. THANK YOU JESUS. And thank you to my family and friends that keep me in their prayers.

Excerpt from an email mi Madre sent me when I texted her after they called today  :-)



and yeah Her caps lock is loud. MINE TOO~!

Chimp Story!
I heard about that Chimp story today. Whoa! I can’t even complain about anything in life ever!!!!!!
Woman Mauled by Chimp - The Will to Live

I think I’m actually going to sleep at a reasonable hour. Meaning, I’m waking up at an unreasonable hour to spend all day learning Stats for the exam at night. Me and Big Homie are gonna rock it out though; every question Tstat, Anova, Tukey-Kramer, Null Hypothesis all that.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

nolo contendere

Life is a challenge not a competition
You can still smell the roses and be on a mission
Just take a moment to get in touch with your heart
Sometimes you feel like you’ve got something to prove
Remind yourself that there’s only one you
Just take a moment to give thanks of who you are .


I am not competing with anyone for anything.

No degrees, no person, no recognition, no attention, no love, no money,  - nada.

My only competition is myself...

I am running the race that God put me in; the Xtinahundred with a mixture of high and low hurdles. I never hit a hurdle in track ;-)

There will only be one winner.

Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it. 1 Corinthians 9:24

My eyes are on the prize. I am going to do that thing; [my purpose], and help as many people as I can along the way.

... let me run with perseverance the race marked out for me - Hebrews 12:1b


Saturday, November 7, 2009

answered prayers...

remember what you pray for, make sure you're ready to receive and accept the answer... :-/
I know in the end it all works out for good. :-)

Friday, November 6, 2009

there is no end to eternity

November IS the busiest month of school. Of all my Novembers here, this might be the busiest of them all. Thankfully I have a tasty treat to look forward to at the end of the month = Thanksgiving!

A lot to do! Joint programs are no walk in the park by any means - at least not this one. Exams, presentations, papers, oh yeah that (never ending) trial ... (come see the final product in April =)

Sidebar: After the last trial, I know I will never be a criminal defense attorney. The defense attorney was good, impeached the co-defendant too well, but he was on the wrong side! The jury convicted - First Degree Murder. Thank God! What they did to that couple was disgusting; "exceptionally brutal and heinous indicative of wanton cruelty." A Vietnamese/American couple, lived within their means, bought nothing on credit, and aided Vietnamese immigrants and the like. The jury was more diverse than I've ever seen in these parts, I even knew one of them. =)

Anyhow, I'd rather have a lot to do than not enough to do and I am thankful for where I am. I know His grace will be more than sufficient for me, so it will all get done, and done well and for my good. All this is part of His plan for my life. November feels like it is in fast forward, everything just happens, comes and goes. Last week was a good warm up for this month and I am running 'til I finish this race.

With that said, people are accustomed to thinking and living with the end in sight. "Better is the end than the beginning" and "all good things must come to an end." But there is no end to eternity; it just keeps going and going and going forever.

Measured against eternity, our time on earth is just a blink of an eye, but the consequences of it will last forever.

"Forever, forever, ever, forever, ever?"

Where do you want to spend forever?

"Forever never seems that long until you're grown."

Live your life accordingly.
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