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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

R-E-S-P-E-C-T yourself ladies

A woman’s greatest flaw is not understanding her worth and appreciating her value.  – Anon.

Please don’t sell yourself cheap or give yourself away for free to any "random" guy that only wants instant gratification. Don’t give your heart away like samples at Sam’s club.

ran⋅dom [ran-duh m]
1. proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern:
synonyms - haphazard, casual, chance

A few inexpensive dates, a couple conversations on the phone? That’s it – girl you are worth more than that. The amount does not even fit on a price tag. KNOW THAT.

It might sparkle at first, doesn't mean its real gold. Soon you will start to see their true colors behind all the acting. All the acting just to get inside of you. For what? They will show their behind soon enough and hopefully just in time for you to leave.  Anyone who wants to sleep with you before he is married to you does not Love you. Believe that. Nothing has changed, so maybe you're older. So what?

Every guy has a little player in them until they find that one who gives them no reason to play anymore. So if your man is playing you, he is probably not the one for you  at least not right now…and maybe not ever.

If he is not focused on God and then family and you, he is not the one for you. If something does not seem right… it probably isn’t.

“The best game is honesty.” - BD

You are a precious jewel that belongs in the safe. It never goes on sale because it is far too costly, never goes out of style because it was fearfully, wonderfully and complexly created. Only one person is given the key to the safe and only God knows the combination. Don’t give out multiple keys to various guys. They don’t have what you’re looking for. - Adapted from MH

♪ Girls you know you better watch out" ♫
  • If they can’t respect you and your beliefs LEAVE. It should not even be a discussion or debate. Respect is just the minimum - LH
  • If they keep you wondering what if and complaining to your girls about this and that. LEAVE.
  • If they are inconsistent, unreliable and/or disappearing then deciding when to come back around. LEAVE. Magicians and clowns belong at the circus not with your heart. You know how the saying goes “Don’t allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option” CHICK LEAVE!
  • If he is already causing you to cry CHICK LEAVE! You know the other saying “No one is worth your tears and the one who is, won’t make you cry”
  • If he is ashamed of you and not supportive. CHICK Leave.
  • If you are not growing with this person and giving too much of yourself (and you’re only in the dating phase) what do you expect the future will be like) CHICK LEAVE.
  • Questionable or Confirmed “Relations” with low self esteemed females – LEAVE ( ok they may not all have low self esteem was watching The Game marathon this weekend =))
  • Flirts too much or is an Every ladies man - LEAVE
  • Prideful, Impatient, Lying, Manipulative, Reckless mouth, Tempers, Anger issues, Alcoholism, Drugs, Promiscuous – LEAVE!
  • If YOU're not yourself  when you're with them but instead you are acting too- LEAVE just be yourself comfortably.
  • Of course – No relationship with God, the father of Jesus, – omg LEAVEEEE, not just someone that casually attends church on 26-39 Sundays out the year

Don’t lie to yourself, if you see these things, lust can be blinding. You cannot change anyone.

Don’t listen to the spectators who don’t know you like you should know yourself. Don’t listen to the so called been-there-done-that ladies encouraging what they think is best for you. Don't listen to this "guy" trying so so hard to change and alter years of training and learning. In fact, don’t even listen to your heart. You have to guard your heart and ask God to guide it.

I don’t care how old you are or  if you feel like you’re running out of time. Girl do not staaaaaay. This is a medicinal dose of what The Rest of your life will be on earth. A nasty medicine that does not cure or change anything. Again, you cannot change anyone.

Don’t be afraid to LEAVE. It’s better to find out now that you are going in two different directions. It’s better to have a broken “relationship” than a broken marriage. People are blinded by the wedding day glamor.  “The wedding is one day, marriage is a lifetime.” – Grandma. After the honeymoon stage is up you're still in it till death do you part.

If you have made some mistakes by realizing your value after the fact, don’t make the same mistakes. You're not damaged goods either, it is not too late -- you're still alive. Don’t justify your actions by what everyone else your age may be doing behind closed doors. First, you’re not even there with them so all that you’ve heard is hearsay and cannot be proved for the truth of the matter. Second, you’re not of this world, so don’t compare yourself to anyone in it, God isn’t going to.

Just choose now to make that change – know the person and their capabilities [ins and outs = no surprises,] and know what you are worth!

R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me -  AF,CA
Had to write this for and from some loved ones, no offense to anyone, and don’t read more into it than what is written =) questions?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A purpose driven life = a life fulfilled

What a week... Church, Market, Bowling Alley, Nursing home, Illinois Department of Corrections, Courthouse, Community Service Kickoff, International Potluck, Celebrations oh yeah and school...

Monday went to see my grandfather, before heading back to school, and now the end of the week, his junior brother has been laid to rest in Odogbolu, Ogun, next to my great grandmother.

From his youngest son, my cousin JO.

A great man...a loving father, a wonderful, gifted and brilliant doctor, dermatologist, and venereologist...someone who stood for integrity, hard work, and perfection...may I be half if not all that u were...loved u, love u, and will always love u in peace.....

There is a time for everything and it is time to celebrate my granduncle. A great man indeed. Love always, Funmi. A life fulfilled.

For me to live is Christ - Paul

If my time to go back comes before Christ comes back I want you to know that I love you. We do not say that a lot or enough in our affection-lacking-culture. We just assume the other people in our lives know. But people come and go at different times and then people think "I wish I told X, xyz,"  when that person has been called back.

Heard on the radio though, "when someone tells you 'I love you,' you should ask 'what do you mean by that?'" It could have different in-depth meanings depending on the recipient. If you really want to know you can ask me =). But generally, just know that I love you with the love of the Lord and want what's best for you, as a friend God has placed in my life.

So I just encourage you to break away from that culture and tell people how you feel about them often.

At the same time, make sure you are doing your part daily to fulfill your destiny and purpose.

I got this from my friend, JW's status and would like to share: 

My favorite store is in Nazareth, My clothes are in Nazareth, My food is in Nazareth, my car is in Nazareth, My books are in Nazareth. My COMFORT is in Nazareth. All I know, is in Nazareth. In order to fulfill scripture, I have to leave Nazareth. My destiny is in Bethlehem, but my comfort zone is in Nazareth. I have to leave Nazareth and go to Bethlehem I have to.

Bethlehem or bust. Let's go!

Lastly, if God has placed someone anyone in your life, it is your duty to at least plant a seed in their life so that when they are called back you know you did your part with them. Reinforced by my Gma.

I don't think I'll be going anywhere for a while though. I'm still learning and a work in progress. Moreover, I've still got business to do. My Father's business. I mustn't leave until it's finished.

Then I'd have lived my life to the fullest.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Show me your friends.

I'm in great company, and have great people around me! I pray God continues to over bless and abundantly favor them(you) and theirs(yours) daily.

<3 y'all.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

To the Fella’s!

A challenge has been placed on my heart for you. Especially after the unfortunate Derion Alberts attack, it hit a memory and a passion.

I’m challenging every Man to mentor at least one young man. If you have the privilege and the ability to read this someone(s) needs your help.

Too many males are being reared by single women who have no idea how to raise a man. It takes a good man to raise another good man. [emphasis on good]. Many men are no longer visible and present for one reason or another. Subsequently, these young men look to other not so positive spheres of influence to guide them such as the streets, the internet, and television etc.

Striving to reach higher heights without putting in the work, they resort to get-rich-quick schemes; stealing, dealing and reaching for unattainable goals. Another day another dollar and the saga continues with no hopes for tomorrow. Hopefully they escape the system.

The public school system has failed them. The streets have failed them. The media is failing them. It also takes a village to raise a child too. If we don’t do our part, we ["the village"] have failed them too...

If you're a MAN! -Physically mentor a young man who can benefit from your experience.
And if you're a lady reading this encourage a man to mentor atleast one young man.

men⋅tor [men-tawr, -ter]
1. a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.
2. an influential senior sponsor or supporter.

Believe in him. Motivate and encourage him. Connect and relate to them on a level that a female cannot. Establish a trusting relationship. Support his dreams.

Teach him. Teach him how to be a good man. Let him learn from your mistakes. Teach him how to respect himself. Teach him how to respect and treat women. Teach him humility and perseverance.

Lead him. Plant a seed in his life and lead by example. Show him how to be a God-fearing man that will be the head of his family, with morals and values. Lead and direct him to put God first.

Unteach him. Unteach him the ways of the dead beats, the addicts, the dealers, the convicts. Unteach him the idea of getting rich quick without effort and discipline. Unteach him the ways of the hot-tempered or easily angered, the lazy, and the prideful.

Remember him. Put it on your schedule and periodically schedule 1-1 mentoring sessions with him.

Do your part and give back. I challenge you. If you need one, I know where to find some young men. They need you! We need you!

Because if we don’t we’ll have a race of babies that will hate the ladies.” –Tupac. (and hate themselves . . .)

Monday, October 5, 2009


In the last 5 years of having a facebook account Ive somehow managed to attract some random people and maybe I kind of wish I pressed ignore when the request came in or thought twice before adding them … so now I have to resort to "hiding" them because omg if you remove them "the world is over..." I guess it provides an iota  of comedic relief in the form of smh and asking "are you serious?" "like for real?. . .

Facebook Statuses -

So in my first blog I wrote:

 . . . [F]acebook needs a maturity level limit. You should pass a test before you're allowed to flood people’s news feed with your ridiculous, disgusting or immature status updates. At least if I'm going to procrastinate I would like to read something worthy of “Like”or commenting. I should not have to SMH every time you pop in my news feed.  .  .

 Saw a friends status today, it said:

“just as children have imaginary friends, some people have imaginary haters. Hmm . . .”

That is  exactly what I think every time I see someone dedicating their entire status and livelihood  to someone they do not like who probably will never see their ridiculous status. Hello, did you forget you have friends on facebook too? To all of us "non-haters" you just look quite angry, a bit immature, which pretty much equals foolish, I think the Bible even says that in Proverbs[in so many words]. sad.

Exhibit A – Hi Haters
Exhibit B – [expletive], dumb, with terrible grammar.

So to the maturely challenged facebook friends-

I have a few (~9) questions, just some of the things that I want to know:
  1. Why do you have so many haters?
  2. Why do you write to and dedicate your statuses to your haters?
  3. Why would your hater be reading your facebook status?
  4. Is your entire being on facebook dedicated to the hopes that "your hater" is watching and keeping up with you?
  5.  Are you connected to your hater on facebook? if so, WHY??
  6. Are you connected to a mutual friend that will hopefully deliver the message to this so – called hater of yours?
  7. Or are you trying to speak to someone indirectly but don’t have the balls to do it?
  8.  Do you even have haters?
  9. Are you a hater??????????

Next topic – Facebook events

Dear ghetto-club promoter, friend I met at a conference that lives across the country, and alumni age fraternity friend that cannot get enough of undergrad (that I regret confirming as a friend),

Please stop inviting me to your parties. I do not want to/ unable to / will never attend.

·         We are not in the same city.
·         We are not in the same state.
·         We may not even be in the same time zone.
·         Or your parties are for the 21 and under crowd and I do not qualify.

A true promoter would have target groups and friend lists. Put me on the Never Attending list.

Kind Regards,

Ok Next next Topic – Random messages in my inbox

Can you tell me how can someone say “you look familiar” when they can’t even see my picture? [smh!] & "notices" the mere 22 mutual friends we have! [double you tea H]  when I doubt they can see my fb friends due to my settings…Then you want me to confirm my whereabouts? You must be [mmm hold my tongue.] 

Thought I was observant, but dang this is a bit stalkerish with accents of insecurities...LHM it's time to pray.

Unsurprisingly, it's just the usual round the way nosy girl or guy who is looking for love in all the wrong place; it is certainly won't be in my facebook inbox.

I almost want to say. . .

1. Why are you so nosy?
2. You’ve never even met me! You don’t even know meeee. A 2 minute FB chat  convo, where I’ve said 2 statements at most, after regretfully logging in to fb chat, out of curiosity, does not equate knowing me At All.  So to the dearest nosy and bold: return to sender. smh.

That’s interrupting my permanent fast from irrelevancy...just being honest.

Triple time

When lucifer is putting in overtime make sure you're praising HIM 72/7!

When d sees something good about to manifest in your life, d starts working overtime. he puts in the 80 hour shifts.

When that is happening, that's when you put in your 120 billable hours! clock!

That's when:
-you should be happier knowing your blessings are coming and cannot be hindered because the doors God opens nothing can close
-you should be more joyful because you know the plans He has for you, to prosper you and give you a bright hope and future, not to harm you.
-you should be strong because you know He will not give you more than you can bear, and you've have casted all your burdens to him
-you should feel safe because He will never leave you nor forsake you, righteous one.

d is a lie/liar!

So let God arise and His enemies be scattered. 

HallelujaHolla Back! My joy is too full. Joy is my nammme! what?!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Iya mi calls me Funmilayo...

Oluwafunmilayo - God gives me joy.

The things of this world are silly to me (some sneaky) but sillyyy nonetheless.

Although I am in the world I am not of this world.

I thank God for giving me the wisdom to see red flags and stay awayyyyy.  He has given me the understanding and authority to be at least two steps ahead, allowing me to divert from nouns (the grammar school definition: persons, places or things)  that I can boldly say are Not my portion!

Because what God has for me is for me and what is not is not, hence NOT MY PORTION :-)

Giving them/it  the deuces and maybe saying a prayer towards it (ideally) I can carry along about my business and purpose, continuously praising, thanking, and praying without ceasing – You’ve Got to stay prayed UP! It confuses them/it, keeps them/it guessing.

With that recipe, things that used to bother me, bother me no more, things that could make me retort, allow me to smile, laugh and give God the glory because HE is the only entity that deserves my attention. It's not a secret I can tell it and will tell it always. It's called the Joy of the Lord, one of the fruits of The Spirit and I've got it! Hence my naturally joyful disposition.

This week, I definitely heard some things that quite possibly belong on the top of the dumbest statements ever list [too dumb that the mouth God gave me to praise Him should dare not repeat, give credit to, or be contaminated by such nonsense]  and seen some of the world in action, sneaky endeavors, etc. etc. ...... = not my portion <----HallelujaHolla BACK (how about never! because I am not of this world. (fullstop)

But this week, I also heard some of the greatest statements ever and seen the hand of the Lord at work in my life, family and friends = my portion :-D Thank you relevancy.

Still fasting permanently from irrelevancy…it’s working! Join me :-)

I've got Joy and give Joy! HallelujaHolla!

Shoutout to the wonderful woman that gave me that name, who God blessed with another year of life, on Wednesday. love you.

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