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Sunday, March 14, 2010

All ACCESS Passes!

Are you Sasha or Chelsea?

Today, in church, the Pastor used a great analogy!

Sasha Obama, as the youngest (and adorable) daughter of the President of the United States, has ACCESS to quite possibly the most powerful man in the world. However, amidst the cameras and bodyguards, she is probably too young to fully understand and appreciate the access she has to a man she just refers to as DADDY.

This is a 180 degree contrast to other presidents’ children who realized their access. The Bush twins exemplify president’s children who realized this ACCESS, albeit socially detrimental. There are also the Chelsea Clinton’s and John and Jane Doe Kennedy’s of the world, who used this access to their benefit.

Nonetheless, most of these children, regardless of what segment of the Evening World News they’ve chosen to appear in, have matriculated from the likes of Yale, Stanford and other Ivy Leagues, probably realizing and understanding the privileges bestowed upon them through their ACCESS.

Similarly, as the Peculiar, Chosen, Royal, (shall I go on) daughter or son of the Most Powerful, All Knowing, Everlasting, Faithful (it Goes on) God, In The World (Heavens, Earth, Galaxy, Universe yup all that), we have ALL ACCESS PASSES, BACKSTAGE PASSES; VIP status! No Lines No Waiting....But do we fully understand and appreciate it?

When you speak to Him you’re either calling Him DADDY, like a Sasha, or DADDY like a Chelsea. It all depends on whether you understand your ACCESS.

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  1. I like that! Access to daddy! Now the question is, how do they refer to their Father in Heaven? Do they refer to Him as their 'Sasha' father or as their 'Chelsea'.

    Nice one Alabi :-)


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