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Monday, May 9, 2011

Testimony - called to the bar.

In November, I gave a testimony at my home church, Jesus House Chicago, and at the end of the testimony, I said I would be back to tell the second part. Thankfully what was said came to pass and I gave the second part of my testimony at church yesterday. “Say what you heard, so you can see what you said.

Immediately after graduation in December, without a break, I began the bar prep course for the Illinois Bar exam. My “holiday break” was spent studying so that I could go to a short conference, although I was studying there too, and it was worth it!

This was a faith tester which subsequently resulted in a faith-booster. I was fearful of this test. It is a very hyped test. I put “The Bar Exam” into prayer probably as soon as I got into law school and increasingly so, last year as the reality of the test approaching quickly, sunk in. I cried out to Him and He heard my cry.

I had to change my fear and doubts, to faith. I had to change my attitude regarding the test and what God is capable of doing in every situation. I don’t know why I began to doubt and start giving credit to all the “what-ifs” that could possibly happen. Had the LORD not seen me through the past 7.5 years, the past 25+ years, even? Did I not trust Him enough to take me through this exam?

I was dreading this experience based on some things I've heard. There was a point when I considered postponing the exam due to unforeseen circumstances. Notwithstanding unexpected occurrences, this bar prep and exam experience was an answered prayer from God. First, the course was miraculously paid for - part 1 of the testimony. And although many attorneys have told me it was the worst time of their life, in hindsight it really wasn’t for me because I was seriously surrounded by support, love and prayers. If that was supposed to be “the worst time in my life,” then I am even more excited about what is next and I just praise the LORD for his mercy and grace.

When the LORD opens a door, no one can shut it. When the LORD decrees a thing, no one can change it, at all. He is faithful!

I am so grateful for the prayers and support of my wonderful family and great friends, who I’ve taken as family as well! I am really thankful for the community I am in.

This includes my amazing brethren from ACF who cooked for me (I seriously saved so much time because of that) and prayed with me, and over me, kept me calm, focused, sane and so much more. So much thanks, so much love.

This also includes my pastors and network from Jesus House Chicago, Kings Assembly (and the Illinois Zone 1 of RCCG), especially my JHC House Fellowship group. They are a great group of people who were and are very supportive, and always so positive. My RCCG family laced every comment or inquiry with a prayer.

This also includes people I’ve taken as mentors who started this process earlier than me from the UI College of Law, the Nigerian community, and people from along the way. Some of them took time out of their schedules at random moments on my account.

All glory and honor to the LORD on Thursday, May 5, 2011 I was admitted to the Illinois Bar. If I boast, I boast only in the LORD because it was only by and through Him and the people He has blessed me with that I was able to receive this license.

I would be remiss if I did not give an additional public thanks to (in no particular order) my mom and family, Tosin Ogunnaike, Omolola Adegoke and family, Jerry Bwanhot, Henry Bwanhot, Kelly Bwanhot, Andrew Poswal, Laolu Oladosu, Sam Esan, Yinka Owolabi, Lolade Moustapha, Ebony Reid, James Desir, Emi Aprekuma, and Sheri Fadeyi.

Thank you to everyone who gave me studying advice, an encouraging word, checked-in, everyone who joined with me in prayer and of course you ;-)

Thank You LORD! Praise the LORD with me!


  1. Congrats, Christina!!! Onward and upward. Greatness awaits you!

  2. Thank you Ife! Amen.
    Thank you Krystal! :)
    Thank you @gateway360

  3. Man! What a powerful, powerful testimony!

  4. Hey, many congratulations dear. I am also thinking to register for Bar test this year but it can be a little hard for me to pass it so I was just having a thought on getting enrolled with the most reputed New York Bar Exam Course. What is your personal opinion regarding these courses? Can you share your views here?


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