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Sunday, August 8, 2010

teach me how to (agape) love

“Teach me how to love, show me the way to surrender my heart.” – Musiq

Recently, every now and then, that song, mainly that hook, found its way on my heart, and in my mind. It became more frequent over the last few days. I don’t know where it came from, I have not knowingly listened to that song in months, years possibly. This weekend I understood why.

Every message I received this past week centered on agape love. A very timely and relevant message I needed to receive.

God is Love and I was made for love. In order for me to progress and grow, to know the power and the anointing, and the promised ability to do all things, I need to be rooted and grounded in love. Without roots completely in the love of God “everything is just a religious display.” – Dr. Creflo Dollar

I need to attend to my roots. True story.

Earlier this summer, I almost missed an opportunity for development; developing unconditional love. I didn’t realize I was actually running away from it. Loving what is already lovely was easy, everyone likes good people; I do. When it came to the unlovely, I was being conditional.

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.– Carl Gustav Jung

Mistakenly, I believed I was consciously avoiding negativity and I was content with the status quo of this situation. These were basically conditional justifications, no less, of why I felt I did not have to love in this instance. Consequently, these conditions were placing hindrances on my development.

Walking in conditional love is not an option. I need to walk in unconditional, supernatural, agape love, All. The. Time; it’s mandated. I cannot choose when I will walk in love; it has to be everybody and anybody, whoever He places before me. I need to love what (who) is not as lovely, unconditionally. To love people in their weakness, because He unconditionally loves me, the way I am, undeserving and in my weakness.

“You get the richest measure of His Divine Presence on your life when you’re rooted and grounded in Love. And you become a body holy filled and flooded with God, Himself. Because when you’re rooted and grounded in love and you’re developing that love, you’re rooted and grounded in God and you’re developing in God.

And the more of that love you walk in, the more the Presence of God is going to be there. Because you can’t separate this love from God, because God is love. So Grow in Love. Grow in God. Grow in His Presence. Grow in His Anointing. Grow in His Blessings. Everything is going to start with the roots!” – Dr. Creflo Dollar

If I was made for love, I need my roots to be grounded in love, in order to make this love.

Please teach me how to love, like You do, Abba Father. Show me the way to surrender my love, unconditionally.

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