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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why? Why Not!

so earlier today an exchange in my Workplace Dispute Resolution class went like this:
Professor: Why? [to student who answers affirmatively and so confidently]

Student: Why not?
O_O . . . What a cop out answer I thought.  I mean we are in school to learn, obviously the Professor is trying to get at a point. (so sad that the words "well" and "obviously" still remind me of the bed intruder interview, with the neck roll anywho) Needless to say, I wasn't too fond of the answer in the classroom setting, at the time. However, "Why Not?" summarized my portion of an unexpected but welcomed conversation I had right before that class with a new fried.

So first, God will send people to you. We just have to be ready. I met my friend earlier in the semester, she just came up to me, politely bold, right after class one day. Apparently she thought I took good notes -- which I guess I do (could), but when people are relying on your notes you tend to "multi-task" less, so in turn that's helping me to excel in this class.

A little backdrop and setting: On Mondays, I usually have a 3 hour gap in my day and have to decide where is the most efficient and effective place to relocate to; my two Monday classes are in the same room. Just as I was thinking to myself where should I go that has a clean microwave, for my lunch, (I very much dislike -Naija grammar, a dirty microwave - gross) I heard the good news: the class that is usually in that classroom during my break was canceled today.  So I decided to stay there and just as the last student trickled out, I began to play my music with no headphones (freedom!). After about 2.5 hours in solitude, in walks my new friend, arriving early for our WDR class. We made our small talk and greetings and eventually she comments on the music I was watching/listening to "that's beautiful" she says (it really is, Jon Thurlow is anointed! -check up on him) and we went from there . . . 

Second, God will give you the right words to say and the right time to say them. We just have to be prepared, to an extent.

In the beginning, God created = my faith. (that's all I really need, but there's more)

Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be. (there's still more)

He authored the script to every single day of my life before my life was even alive. (it just goes on and on and on)

Love God Why? Why Not?!  . . .  Let me tell you about what He's done and what He does . . . (It's all about Him!) so Why Not?

Basically, that  ^^ came out in our discussion, (and the Jesus part; the kicker) which were some things I was thinking about recently in relation to atheists and near-future plans (it's related somehow, I'll connect it back in another post). My (Chicago) church's theme is currently focused on evangelizing. Mainly, someone cared enough to share the gospel with me, and just the same, someone(s) need me to share the good news with them. Why not?

This was probably one of the easiest opportunities to openly witness and it was so unforced and accepted. She just kept hitting me with another innocent knowledge-seeking question. What if I turned off the music as soon as she entered? (because I really almost did, but it wasn't loud so I left it playing) What if I decided to plug in my headphones to tune the people out that would soon trickle in for class? (these what ifs were very much a possibility especially when you've been caught near a conversation you could have done without overhearing, about so and so's weekend activities and randomness o_0)

What a missed opportunity that would've been, I've already missed some and I don't want to miss anymore. Now I just have to bring her to a church with me and/or find a Chinese church to take her to before I leave Champaign in 8 weeks! Time is flying . . .

God is good so Why not?

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  1. Love it! All the "what if" are excuses, not reasons....Thank God you didn't. But what if you had ..?. Hmm. But thank Him you didn't. You don't need their blood on your hands. God bless. May He continue to open doors of conversation to share Him with. Col 4:2,3


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