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Monday, March 14, 2011

Catch my drift

This train of thought started on March 6, and began to paint a picture this past Wednesday. Alex and Auntie Tade are leading our group in the study of Galatians during Digging Deep.

Pastor Isoken is in our group and everything she said was hitting points. She gave a real example and concluded by saying:
"may we all make Heaven."
*thinking* {wow, and I'm not even a Pastor or Deaconess etc., don't be so sure that everything you're doing will guarantee your name in that Book - The Lamb's book of eternal life. I would like to think so, but I know I could be a better Kingdom steward.}

Later that night I see Daniel's facebook status: 
"They told me Christ was comin back and I was scared of that, but ever since I got saved I'm prepared for that."

So I commented: 
is that right? go 'head DaCypha! wooot wooot!

#lowkey not sure if we're all prepared for that just yet. #letsgotowork!

The next morning Henry sends his devotion text: 
Our prayers have stains in them, our faith is mixed with unbelief, our repentance is not so tender as it should be, our communion is distant and interrupted. We cannot pray without sinning, and there is filth even in our tears. And yet He still loves us and wants us to live with Him forever. What an awesome God! Devotion folks!
That morning, on my way to the city, I heard Dietrick Haddon's 'Well Done' on the radio. I heard it first when Jonathan posted it on Buzz.

"I just want to make it to Heaven, I just want to make it in. I want to cross that river, I want to be free from sin. I want my name written in the Lamb's book of Life"
{Okay message. Not fully, He is still painting.}

The next day: Japan.
 Japan "hundred times worse than Haiti" - @cnn - via Tolu

Later that day, I see a tweet from Jerry:  
These pics from Japan I'm seeing look like something out of some end times movie.

Meanwhile, at our leadership conference, Pastor Omolehin was explaining  how many Christians are focused on the Kingdom aspect of the phrase "Kingdom Stewardship." Yet, there is a lack of the stewardship message amongst end-times-pastors.

{it's officially official}
Then . . .

Catch my drift? Painted.

Let Your Kingdom come, Let Your will be done.

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