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Monday, March 14, 2011

Celebrating the Life of a Gem

My tribute excerpt from the Service of Songs program:

My grandfather-

I remember the first time I met my grandfather about 20 years ago in Lagos in 1991. Later that year he came to Chicago. I was in first grade, living on the north side of Chicago at the time and my school was on the other side of the city so I rode the school bus. My school bus stop was at Lawrence and Sheridan. And every morning he would walk me to my bus stop rain, shine, or snow. And I never missed my bus or a day of class that year. Every evening he would be waiting there, with his newspaper, to pick me up, every single day, even when my bus came late.

He also helped me to learn Yoruba. He drew several different pictures and put the Yoruba word next to it to help me remember. He was also my personal tailor whenever I needed a quick wardrobe hem or mending.

He eventually went back to Lagos and came back to Chicago 10 years later. One important thing is that he was very dependable. I remember calling my mom over the weekend to tell her about an issue at school and Monday morning my mom and grandparents drove down to Champaign on my behalf.

I never saw him get angry. He was a peaceful man that loved my grandma dearly. He even switched churches for her. Back home he was a Deeper Life attendee, however here he decided to become a Redeemed member because he knew how much my grandma loved Jesus House.

I’m thankful that he is no longer in pain. I’m thankful that God gave me a chance to say good bye. I’m thankful that he had a relationship with the Lord and for that I am thankful because I know we will meet again.

Happy home going grandfather. We love you.

Pa May Mofolurunsho Oladipo Ogunnaike
(Pa Gospel)
May 19, 1931  - January 30, 2011

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