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Monday, November 1, 2010

Church in the state

So I’m working up the courage to just invite people openly to church events without thinking about the political correctness.

This morning in class . . .

Thoughts: hmm I wonder what some of these valley girls are going to think? Would I get a “how dare this law grad try to invite us to something about church here, doesn’t she know better?” Followed by all this unwarranted {in my objective opinion} offense for the rest of the year.


Me: Professor A., are we allowed to announce campus events? {I mean they announce all types of events in class, some of which could be offensive to me, why not? it's only fair, equal opportunity.}
Professor: Sure. What is it, just so I know and I’m not caught off guard?
Me: It’s called All Campus Worship
Professor: Oh. It’s religious *hand toss* well maybe we can just save that, but you’re more than welcome to announce it after class.

Thoughts: Oh of course, when everyone is packing up to go as quickly as they can after sitting here for three hours…. O____O ok...."a time and a place for everything huh?..."

Lesson 1: There are going to be people that will say no, but that doesn’t change my role. Moreover, there are going to be people that say yes, {Praise Jesus!} and that still does not change my role [here].

A few weeks ago, I went to an intercession meeting where a woman prayed about the upcoming elections. One of her points asked [in summation] for the Lord to completely occupy all government positions with pro-life Christians [sounds like an oxy-moron, but that's a different post], among other related topics and issues. My legal training made me question if that’s even constitutionally possible and just possible right now . . .

For example, on the issue of abortion:
  1. Do people know enough about where the candidate stands on abortion or are the majority of voters casting party-line votes?
  2. Would everyone who is pro-life vote for that candidate based on that one issue?
  3. Would the pro-life votes be enough to place someone in office? Are there enough people that care?
  4. Prior to that, and more importantly, would a pro-life candidate add their pro-life beliefs to their campaign without fear of losing their pro-choice constituents?
[it is possible by the way]

Then I thought . . .
  1. Is everyone tip-toeing around trying not to offend “somebody?” I mean I know there are a lot more Christians on this campus, in this program, in this class right now. . . I hope . . .
  2. Are we just trying to be politically correct?! {but why?} 
What am I doing, what am I waiting for?

Political correctness – I’m done with that! It's so incorrect. Separating the church from the state, for Christians should be a {pound, capital fail}.  ---> #FAIL
"No church in this world should ever be satisfied with the separation of church and state!"  -David Sliker.
My beliefs come before my profession because my beliefs came before my profession.  It is only because of my beliefs that I am here.  Moreover, the fruition of my ultimate beliefs will be here way after my profession is all said and done.

If you’re faithful with a little you’ll be faithful with a lot. He has placed us in these various spheres of influence for one main reason. If I'm not doing that, then what am I doing?? {being politically correct? - is that what that is? sounds like something else . . . } Furthermore, how am I going to go from not openly witnessing at school {my current level of influence} to witnessing at the next perfect position He will bless me with? {a possibly greater sphere of influence, with likely more at stake}. Salt serves no purpose in the shaker.

"Save that" <--- Respectfully, I dissent. ;-)

I'm voting church in the state and church in the schools! --> church everywhere because church is everywhere {it should be} since we are the church. >>  *CHURCH!

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