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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Iya mi calls me Funmilayo...

Oluwafunmilayo - God gives me joy.

The things of this world are silly to me (some sneaky) but sillyyy nonetheless.

Although I am in the world I am not of this world.

I thank God for giving me the wisdom to see red flags and stay awayyyyy.  He has given me the understanding and authority to be at least two steps ahead, allowing me to divert from nouns (the grammar school definition: persons, places or things)  that I can boldly say are Not my portion!

Because what God has for me is for me and what is not is not, hence NOT MY PORTION :-)

Giving them/it  the deuces and maybe saying a prayer towards it (ideally) I can carry along about my business and purpose, continuously praising, thanking, and praying without ceasing – You’ve Got to stay prayed UP! It confuses them/it, keeps them/it guessing.

With that recipe, things that used to bother me, bother me no more, things that could make me retort, allow me to smile, laugh and give God the glory because HE is the only entity that deserves my attention. It's not a secret I can tell it and will tell it always. It's called the Joy of the Lord, one of the fruits of The Spirit and I've got it! Hence my naturally joyful disposition.

This week, I definitely heard some things that quite possibly belong on the top of the dumbest statements ever list [too dumb that the mouth God gave me to praise Him should dare not repeat, give credit to, or be contaminated by such nonsense]  and seen some of the world in action, sneaky endeavors, etc. etc. ...... = not my portion <----HallelujaHolla BACK (how about never! because I am not of this world. (fullstop)

But this week, I also heard some of the greatest statements ever and seen the hand of the Lord at work in my life, family and friends = my portion :-D Thank you relevancy.

Still fasting permanently from irrelevancy…it’s working! Join me :-)

I've got Joy and give Joy! HallelujaHolla!

Shoutout to the wonderful woman that gave me that name, who God blessed with another year of life, on Wednesday. love you.

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