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Monday, October 5, 2009


In the last 5 years of having a facebook account Ive somehow managed to attract some random people and maybe I kind of wish I pressed ignore when the request came in or thought twice before adding them … so now I have to resort to "hiding" them because omg if you remove them "the world is over..." I guess it provides an iota  of comedic relief in the form of smh and asking "are you serious?" "like for real?. . .

Facebook Statuses -

So in my first blog I wrote:

 . . . [F]acebook needs a maturity level limit. You should pass a test before you're allowed to flood people’s news feed with your ridiculous, disgusting or immature status updates. At least if I'm going to procrastinate I would like to read something worthy of “Like”or commenting. I should not have to SMH every time you pop in my news feed.  .  .

 Saw a friends status today, it said:

“just as children have imaginary friends, some people have imaginary haters. Hmm . . .”

That is  exactly what I think every time I see someone dedicating their entire status and livelihood  to someone they do not like who probably will never see their ridiculous status. Hello, did you forget you have friends on facebook too? To all of us "non-haters" you just look quite angry, a bit immature, which pretty much equals foolish, I think the Bible even says that in Proverbs[in so many words]. sad.

Exhibit A – Hi Haters
Exhibit B – [expletive], dumb, with terrible grammar.

So to the maturely challenged facebook friends-

I have a few (~9) questions, just some of the things that I want to know:
  1. Why do you have so many haters?
  2. Why do you write to and dedicate your statuses to your haters?
  3. Why would your hater be reading your facebook status?
  4. Is your entire being on facebook dedicated to the hopes that "your hater" is watching and keeping up with you?
  5.  Are you connected to your hater on facebook? if so, WHY??
  6. Are you connected to a mutual friend that will hopefully deliver the message to this so – called hater of yours?
  7. Or are you trying to speak to someone indirectly but don’t have the balls to do it?
  8.  Do you even have haters?
  9. Are you a hater??????????

Next topic – Facebook events

Dear ghetto-club promoter, friend I met at a conference that lives across the country, and alumni age fraternity friend that cannot get enough of undergrad (that I regret confirming as a friend),

Please stop inviting me to your parties. I do not want to/ unable to / will never attend.

·         We are not in the same city.
·         We are not in the same state.
·         We may not even be in the same time zone.
·         Or your parties are for the 21 and under crowd and I do not qualify.

A true promoter would have target groups and friend lists. Put me on the Never Attending list.

Kind Regards,

Ok Next next Topic – Random messages in my inbox

Can you tell me how can someone say “you look familiar” when they can’t even see my picture? [smh!] & "notices" the mere 22 mutual friends we have! [double you tea H]  when I doubt they can see my fb friends due to my settings…Then you want me to confirm my whereabouts? You must be [mmm hold my tongue.] 

Thought I was observant, but dang this is a bit stalkerish with accents of insecurities...LHM it's time to pray.

Unsurprisingly, it's just the usual round the way nosy girl or guy who is looking for love in all the wrong place; it is certainly won't be in my facebook inbox.

I almost want to say. . .

1. Why are you so nosy?
2. You’ve never even met me! You don’t even know meeee. A 2 minute FB chat  convo, where I’ve said 2 statements at most, after regretfully logging in to fb chat, out of curiosity, does not equate knowing me At All.  So to the dearest nosy and bold: return to sender. smh.

That’s interrupting my permanent fast from irrelevancy...just being honest.


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