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Monday, October 19, 2009

R-E-S-P-E-C-T yourself ladies

A woman’s greatest flaw is not understanding her worth and appreciating her value.  – Anon.

Please don’t sell yourself cheap or give yourself away for free to any "random" guy that only wants instant gratification. Don’t give your heart away like samples at Sam’s club.

ran⋅dom [ran-duh m]
1. proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern:
synonyms - haphazard, casual, chance

A few inexpensive dates, a couple conversations on the phone? That’s it – girl you are worth more than that. The amount does not even fit on a price tag. KNOW THAT.

It might sparkle at first, doesn't mean its real gold. Soon you will start to see their true colors behind all the acting. All the acting just to get inside of you. For what? They will show their behind soon enough and hopefully just in time for you to leave.  Anyone who wants to sleep with you before he is married to you does not Love you. Believe that. Nothing has changed, so maybe you're older. So what?

Every guy has a little player in them until they find that one who gives them no reason to play anymore. So if your man is playing you, he is probably not the one for you  at least not right now…and maybe not ever.

If he is not focused on God and then family and you, he is not the one for you. If something does not seem right… it probably isn’t.

“The best game is honesty.” - BD

You are a precious jewel that belongs in the safe. It never goes on sale because it is far too costly, never goes out of style because it was fearfully, wonderfully and complexly created. Only one person is given the key to the safe and only God knows the combination. Don’t give out multiple keys to various guys. They don’t have what you’re looking for. - Adapted from MH

♪ Girls you know you better watch out" ♫
  • If they can’t respect you and your beliefs LEAVE. It should not even be a discussion or debate. Respect is just the minimum - LH
  • If they keep you wondering what if and complaining to your girls about this and that. LEAVE.
  • If they are inconsistent, unreliable and/or disappearing then deciding when to come back around. LEAVE. Magicians and clowns belong at the circus not with your heart. You know how the saying goes “Don’t allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option” CHICK LEAVE!
  • If he is already causing you to cry CHICK LEAVE! You know the other saying “No one is worth your tears and the one who is, won’t make you cry”
  • If he is ashamed of you and not supportive. CHICK Leave.
  • If you are not growing with this person and giving too much of yourself (and you’re only in the dating phase) what do you expect the future will be like) CHICK LEAVE.
  • Questionable or Confirmed “Relations” with low self esteemed females – LEAVE ( ok they may not all have low self esteem was watching The Game marathon this weekend =))
  • Flirts too much or is an Every ladies man - LEAVE
  • Prideful, Impatient, Lying, Manipulative, Reckless mouth, Tempers, Anger issues, Alcoholism, Drugs, Promiscuous – LEAVE!
  • If YOU're not yourself  when you're with them but instead you are acting too- LEAVE just be yourself comfortably.
  • Of course – No relationship with God, the father of Jesus, – omg LEAVEEEE, not just someone that casually attends church on 26-39 Sundays out the year

Don’t lie to yourself, if you see these things, lust can be blinding. You cannot change anyone.

Don’t listen to the spectators who don’t know you like you should know yourself. Don’t listen to the so called been-there-done-that ladies encouraging what they think is best for you. Don't listen to this "guy" trying so so hard to change and alter years of training and learning. In fact, don’t even listen to your heart. You have to guard your heart and ask God to guide it.

I don’t care how old you are or  if you feel like you’re running out of time. Girl do not staaaaaay. This is a medicinal dose of what The Rest of your life will be on earth. A nasty medicine that does not cure or change anything. Again, you cannot change anyone.

Don’t be afraid to LEAVE. It’s better to find out now that you are going in two different directions. It’s better to have a broken “relationship” than a broken marriage. People are blinded by the wedding day glamor.  “The wedding is one day, marriage is a lifetime.” – Grandma. After the honeymoon stage is up you're still in it till death do you part.

If you have made some mistakes by realizing your value after the fact, don’t make the same mistakes. You're not damaged goods either, it is not too late -- you're still alive. Don’t justify your actions by what everyone else your age may be doing behind closed doors. First, you’re not even there with them so all that you’ve heard is hearsay and cannot be proved for the truth of the matter. Second, you’re not of this world, so don’t compare yourself to anyone in it, God isn’t going to.

Just choose now to make that change – know the person and their capabilities [ins and outs = no surprises,] and know what you are worth!

R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me -  AF,CA
Had to write this for and from some loved ones, no offense to anyone, and don’t read more into it than what is written =) questions?


  1. I wish more women would embrace their strength, their power, and the mountains they can move, if, IF they just respect themselves. Like L.Hill said, "We have been trying to heal ourselves with topical solutions, you can't get truth from the outside, truth is from the inside in"

    We must start healing oursleves, from within, this is the only way we will heal and be able to heal and effectuate others.


  2. Gosh thank you so much!!!in short...i im so amazed...i needed this..thanks

  3. Umm....everything ok chica?! Nah, just kidding, MUST READ! REAL TALK, loved it...and yea, God is the answer, gotta be single in Him to be whole with someone else! [Selah]


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