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Friday, November 6, 2009

there is no end to eternity

November IS the busiest month of school. Of all my Novembers here, this might be the busiest of them all. Thankfully I have a tasty treat to look forward to at the end of the month = Thanksgiving!

A lot to do! Joint programs are no walk in the park by any means - at least not this one. Exams, presentations, papers, oh yeah that (never ending) trial ... (come see the final product in April =)

Sidebar: After the last trial, I know I will never be a criminal defense attorney. The defense attorney was good, impeached the co-defendant too well, but he was on the wrong side! The jury convicted - First Degree Murder. Thank God! What they did to that couple was disgusting; "exceptionally brutal and heinous indicative of wanton cruelty." A Vietnamese/American couple, lived within their means, bought nothing on credit, and aided Vietnamese immigrants and the like. The jury was more diverse than I've ever seen in these parts, I even knew one of them. =)

Anyhow, I'd rather have a lot to do than not enough to do and I am thankful for where I am. I know His grace will be more than sufficient for me, so it will all get done, and done well and for my good. All this is part of His plan for my life. November feels like it is in fast forward, everything just happens, comes and goes. Last week was a good warm up for this month and I am running 'til I finish this race.

With that said, people are accustomed to thinking and living with the end in sight. "Better is the end than the beginning" and "all good things must come to an end." But there is no end to eternity; it just keeps going and going and going forever.

Measured against eternity, our time on earth is just a blink of an eye, but the consequences of it will last forever.

"Forever, forever, ever, forever, ever?"

Where do you want to spend forever?

"Forever never seems that long until you're grown."

Live your life accordingly.

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