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Saturday, November 14, 2009

A few things I like…

Lemonade, pink, no ice, fatter french fries, hot wings, Kung Pao Chicken - no nuts, bacon in cheeseburgers
Stuffed Burritos, Cookie Dough & Chocolate Chip in Ice Cream, Grapes, Plums Mangoes, Strawberries, Mexican Corn on the cob, Taffy Apples, Caramel in Chocolate

Dancing Skating Biking
Football, Track and Field, Basketball, Soccer
Eating, Cooking new recipes – and they come out right :-)
Praise and worship, words that speak - spoken word
Thoughtful messages text/email/snail/voice
meaningful Conversations

Lauryn Hill, Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr., Alicia Keys, India Arie, Anthony Hamilton
Kirk, Israel, Mary Mary, and Tye and VP! :)
Music – a lot
Avant’s bass player is a woman, does her thing in a sharp stylish suit

Broken curses growth and restoration
Blessings favor from God
Answered prayers about everything – even before I pray about them
Prophecies Fulfilled promises.
Relevancy Relevant People
Wisdom and learning, experiences that make me stronger
That the past is in the past and I cannot change it
Peace of mind & freedom & completion
My future

Siblings everywhere, healthy interactions, families
Natural hair, natural everything reality.
Happy-ending-Surprises and celebrations
Happy endings and new beginnings
Nigerian parties.
Sunny days, Saturdays, new days
Trying new things

Young love
Real love
Brown sugar friends and brown sugar love
Old love and Old people taking walks passing the test of time

Good people – family and friends
Beautiful people – internally
Honest people
True people
Real people
New friends, old friends

Rejecting the status quo
Making the “impossible,” possible
Good times.
God. His word. Life.

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