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Sunday, November 22, 2009

PAP 2009! KAIROS!!!


I'm still in shock. (Preparing A People) PAP 2009 was the bomb!

PAP is an annual conference that takes place during every Jesus House Chicago anniversary. This 13th year we had the pleasure of being ministered to by Pastor Sturdivant, Pastor Bayo, Pastor Otabil, Spoken Life Project, B.O.U.Q.U.I. of course The Tribe of Levites and The Apostles too, with a special ministration by the young ladies in the Covenant Land. tear. I love everything dancing.

I don't remember this much excitement and planning for other PAP's or anniversary's. 
  • I remember the 7th anniversary (I think that was the first PAP) when I was still in TCG and just came back home for Thanksgiving break as a freshman. I had to learn the AS Jesus Walks dance in less than a day.
  • I remember the 10th anniversary because we had Muyiwa/Riversongs for the Banquet.
  • I even remember the first year anniversary - I think it was at Dunbar high school! And the then little sisters, M.A. and M.A. who are now beasting on the track, shaking the hands of the first time visitors. And the guest pastor who has three daughters; Faith, Faithful, and Faithfulness.
But this one, the 13th, definitely topped the charts. And what beautiful September weather God blessed us with this Chicago....yup. No jacket = nice!

"I'm serving a God of serendipity!" As soon as I heard that, I knew that'd be my new facebook/gchat status/motto. God is able to show us things we weren't even looking for, weren't even praying for! Real estate, security, safety, and economic power, all for a person who is in their season of serendipity. Moreover, He does not need a year, He just needs a moment. That's all. Unexpected Encounters I love it!

It's a new season, it's a new day.
A fresh anointing is flowing my way.
It's a season of power and prosperity [serendipity].
It's a new season coming to me.
-Israel and New Breed

But how can I discriminate and just choose one great quote amongst several? There was so much word! Great words. It came so fast. I need to get the tape to really absorb it all.

If not for the stories we learned as kids I don't think a lot of it would have made sense. Side note: Did everyone catch that??? If Jesus was born any earlier, He would have been decapitated!!!! (like John the Baptist and not crucified) It would be a tougher story to explain Jesus coming back from the dead with no head. Man timing is everything. God is just too amazing. Man! If you're reading this and you dont understand, ask me about Him, please. I have to let you know; I have to!

"13 years! that's a long time" Daniel and Ruth on the ACFYAC call tonight.

Then it clicked after all was said and done. 13 years is a long time! It didn't really click how long it's been until they said that.  I mean I was in the covenant land (children's church) before they even had a covenant land (meaning I was in there for a short stint at the Clybourn location, we had divided cubicles based on your age). I was in TCG before Yemi K. gave it the name The Chosen Generation (Teen Ministry). Great seeing Yemi today by the way with B.o.u.q.u.i., and the other familiar faces from the other RCCG's that came from JHC.

That is time, years, progression, growth, maturation. I can boldly say now  "if you knew me back then..." and be okay with it. I might have been a little feisty back then...just a little. (now I'm sweet as

Everybody is growing up! Doing big things, making big moves. So many stories, blessings, etc etc.That's auspicious moments, advanced preparation, accessible opportunities, and audacious faith and only by the grace of our God of serendipity y'all, none other! Preparing us for our KAIROS TIME.

Happy 13th Anniversary Jesus House Chicago. (including all churches that came out of JHC!) I really love my church. Can't wait to see how we will top this years' in Twenty-Ten for the Fourteenth. Hats off to the planning committee!

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