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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Upshot Women's Breakfast

These were some notes I took from the “Upshot Ladies Breakfast” on April 2nd by Evangelist Cherish Brown. It was a great program and I thought I should share. Let me know if you have any questions, and I can further elaborate.

The reference is  Genesis 16, 18, and 21 re: the story of Abraham, Sarah, (Hagar, Ishmael) and Isaac.

  • Distinguish between a compromise and a promise.
  • You can be chasing a man, and miss the mandate that God has on your life.
  • You have a promise inside of you that needs to be birthed.
  • If you’re sweating too much you need to change your position.
  • For every prayer you send up for a man: cook a meal, mop the floor, babysit someone elses kids.
  • Even if something didn’t work out it didn’t have your heart anyway.
  • The LORD told Abraham to do whatever Sarah said.
  • Be careful of the people that play the part but lack the position. They want to take up your time but don’t know your season.
  • When your season comes, the fruit needs to be ripe. When God shows up, you need to be ready
  • You can mess around trying to please your boyfriend and miss your Boaz.
  • No one will mistake Ishmael for my Isaac.
  • Ishmael had to go.
  • By not disassociating yourself you are making yourself a liability rather than an asset.
  • Don’t have an Ishmael speaking for you.
  • Disassociate and stay in the will of God.
  • The compromise will always bully the promise.
  • Hanging around Ishmael will constantly have you defending yourself.
  • If God gave Sarah the authority to speak, she had better spoke the right thing.
  • He wants a sober minded leader.
  • Isaac means to laugh. The promise always gets the last laugh.
  • You better start laughing. Start rejoicing in the things of God.
  • All who get the news will laugh with me.
  • Stop begging and start beholding.
  • Singleness is a gift from God. Being a woman in the will of God is a gift from God.
  • “Settled down” your Maker is your husband; you don’t have to be married to settle down.
  • Don’t forfeit sisterhood just because you don’t have a man on your arms, complement each other.
  • He wants your praise, if you want to experience the promise you better learn how to praise.
  • You have a promise on the inside of you and He doesn’t want you to compromise that promise.
  • He has given us a power transfer, power over what we say, think, and do.
  • My sweating is over. {Say it.}
  • Know your seasons. Learn to laugh with God not at Him. 
  • Disassociate yourself from certain things/Ishmaels.
  • I am the good thing. Say it. Proverbs 18:22a focus on the first part
  • God follows the rights, right doesn’t follow the good. Think about it
  • Goodness without righteousness has no credibility.
Some audio clips: Upshot Women's Breakfast Evangelist Cherish Brown

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