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Monday, June 27, 2011

What does it mean to be successful?

In this day and age, our Western society has painted the picture that you’re not successful until . . .

Until you finish school.

It doesn’t stop there; you must go past undergraduate; go to graduate school, get your doctorate too; the more letters, the better.

Then, once you graduate, you must pass your board exams . . .

And then, you must get a really good job with a six figure salary, (But if you’re making six figures, you may be too busy to enjoy it, that’s okay, just make the money anyway)

Then are you successful yet? Not yet.

You must also get married, right away, (because you can just go to the market and pick out a good one, like strawberries - yum). Apparently, the quality of the marriage is not given as much value.

Then you must have kids, many kids, like 9 months after the wedding day, both genders too.
Then, are you successful?

Not yet, you must climb up the socio-economic ladder.

In order to fulfill that, all you have to do is own your own house, one to four cars, and live at or above your means; because even if you aren’t “successful” you will look “successful.”

Then, your kids must be healthy and well mannered, accomplishing several achievements and accolades.
And then will you be successful?

Almost, you’re children must go to school, get married, and so on and so on; keep pressing repeat.

Hmmm, so, sounds like you’re successful once your last grandchild graduates, gets married and if the LORD gives you more years, your grandchildren have children too = People over 75 are successful.

This might sound a little cynical or a tad bit facetious, and thankfully does not represent my family's views or pressures. But it's unfortunately the reality and therefore aspiration for several people that view the world through this lens and the get rich or die trying mentality.

How about this:

I am a lover of the Lord, I am loved by the Lord, and therefore, I am successful.

In other words, I love the Lord, He loves me; I’m successful. #TRUTH

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