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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"How’s The Pursuit?"

"How’s the internship?" "How’s the Pursuit?" "How's it going?"

We’ve received some form of the above mentioned questions from almost everyone – that’s a good thing to know people genuinely care. And we’ll usually get some people to receive our responses by imparting their wisdom from their experience.

Well: It is good! A week ago, I would’ve answered “mostly good” but now my answer is unequivocal.

One thing to note, although I am learning a lot daily, this Pursuit is not an academic pursuit. It is a spiritual pursuit to pursue the unsearchable God and have Him reveal Himself. It is the beginning of an ongoing process; it is not an attainment or destination.

We added two new courses; one called Fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit and one called Thirst.

The LORD has already told me some things in the prayer room and I look forward to more edification from Him, as I continue to pursue the knowledge of Him. During the first couple weeks, people kept saying "the Lord will tell you some things" " or the Lord will show you some things" so I just internally nod thinking, okay, I wonder how and what He’ll tell and show me.

On Friday nights, we have our end times teaching. This past Friday, the pastor began teaching on the Book of Revelation; a much needed teaching for me. There are a lot of details that I previously glossed over. Now, things are starting to make more sense and come to life.

I also started my helps (department) this past week. I will be working in the marketing department. We are developing with the intentions to execute innovative ways to market the internships.

"It is a short season, so make the most of it" - Pursuit Director so, I will!

Thanks for reading. Send me your prayer requests and subsequent testimonies!

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