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Monday, January 23, 2012

He makes all things beautiful in time.

As seen on January 14th of Omowunmi Project 366 
This coat is just a friendly (and warm) reminder to me that God makes everything beautiful and perfect in His time.

If you try to work outside of God's will, you may will get something you don't want.

After months of searching for a coat that fits, I found this coat just in the nick of time. It may sound trivial, but a coat that fits with the few criteria I desired, was quickly becoming a wild goose chase and more so as we went deeper into the winter.

All I wanted was a warm, hooded, long, winter coat that was not black. That’s not too much to ask, right? Many of the coats I came across would leave my wrists really unhappy for the 6 months of winter we get.

I found myself tapping a total stranger once, exiting the train, to ask where she got her coat.  Nothing else was coming up, so I thought one day soon, I would stop at the store she referenced and get that coat.

I knew I definitely did not want the $400 North Face that everyone swears by.  Partly, because I think the coat is more of a marketing strategy. Every other person in downtown is wearing one, with the logo plastered for all to see. Is the coat really that warm? Or is it because everyone else spent $400 on a North Face, you’ve convinced yourself that that is the only coat warm enough. No offense. :)

Thankfully, we’ve been having a pretty mild winter. Our last warm weekend of the winter, I was not even planning to go to the store; I wasn’t in the mood to look through the racks and start searching.  I've decided that the last errand I did, would be it for the night.  Something just tells me to turn into mall, even though I've passed all but the last entrance.  I hear the "don't save for tomorrow, what you can do today" inside of me.  Within 15 minutes, I am the owner of a new coat, way below the price I thought I would have to pay and way below the intended sale price.  I’ll sum it up with two words: "God’s favor."  Or maybe two more words, as a bonus: "Perfect timing."
Tip: Always Be Polite as opposed to a "Have It My Way attitude, when shopping.

Moreover, it’s not black, an in-person view reveals that it is actually a dark gray. Also, the style is one that I was not even thinking of.  More importantly, it fits me perfectly; my wrists are happy.

Sometimes, we try to help God by taking it upon ourselves to make unnecessary sacrifices compromises to get what we think we want, but God has the best in mind, if we just would wait patiently on Him. He makes all things beautiful in time, and He’s just in time.

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