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Sunday, January 29, 2012

I am running after You

One of my favorite past times, is track and field.  In high school, I anchored the relay teams; 4 * 100 and 4 * 200, respectively.  Collectively, these races happen so quickly.  The gun goes off, you turn your head one degree and the next runner (leg) is already taking off in the exchange zone, ready to receive the baton from the previous leg. Every team is running for the prize, the trophy, the medal or the ribbon.

Individually, the races are even quicker.  Once you’ve passed the baton, your job is done.  Wherever you left off, is where the next person picks up. Everyone else's race continues. Where your team is, after your leg is a reflection of how well you ran. You would hope that during your leg of the race, you’ve set your team ahead. You hope that you left a legacy.

Life is a vapor fading fast.  Live your life with your eyes on the prize, heavenly minded.  Live your life to Christly impact your generation.  Live your life leaving a legacy. Live your life in a way that when your part of the race is over, your next destination will be unquestionable to the loved ones that will carry your legacy. Forget about the trivial things of this world.

Oh when we all get to Heaven; may none of us miss eternity with our Father.  I can’t wait but at the same time I can. So, I’m running my leg of this relay not just for myself and my “team” but for my generation and for the generations after me.  Meanwhile, I hope I run well, with the Word as my baton, faith and love as my track suit and my eyes on Heaven, until He pulls me off the track.

So at the end it can be said of me that "I fought the good fight, I finished the race, and I kept my faith; well done good and faithful Xtina."

I am running, running after You.

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