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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Several Voices Same Message to Me..all that time

wow.. God definitely uses several people to get the same message to you. I read the open heavens online today, Several Voices Same Message, after praying with a friend from ACFYAC this morning.
Several Voices Same Message

  • The very night before law school orientation, someone I met from CLEO and I were running errands and decided to stop at the law school just to look around. We met a guy who was doing the joint degree and then He was speaking to me. 
  • During 1st semester of law school, I spoke to another guy from BLSA and even though I thought I was just meant to connect him to a girl in my section who was interested in the same program as well He was actually speaking to me. 
  • Went to a get together, met two more people in that same program, He was speaking to me then.
  • My friend was studying for the GRE and applying, He was speaking to me then
  • When I went to meet one of my advisors from a summer law program I did, He spoke to me then. 
  • My amtrak was delayed and I reunited with my mentor from the summer law program and she also happened to be doing that program now a semester after graduating law school, and He was speaking to me.
  • In November, we had a Black Alumni Reunion, the lady from class of '91, who had the same BLSA exec position I did (Dir. of Comm. Serv.)  was telling me about why she did the same program and of course He was speaking to me then too.
I think I'm pretty quick with getting messages generally but after all that, I still didn't quite get The message. And even when it took me awhile to get the message, HE still worked it out for me!
  • How I got into a class meant for mainly 3rd years as a 2nd year - God. 
  • And subsequently did well in the class and the professor was a key person to meet in so many aspects - God
  • How I was accepted into my joint program - God! (the applications were already closed, the class was already selected before I even applied or even took the GRE, there was already a long wait list - God did it for His daughter. He is still in The Business of working things out for His children, don't allow anyone to tell you otherwise).
  • How I did well on the GRE after studying for only 1 week! - God.

The call today and what GO wrote for today comes at a great time since the next chapter is quickly approaching...., they spoke on the same things and I was actually looking for my next message. I think I'm getting it! =) This fast from irrelevancy is great. God is putting relevant people in my path and using relevant people already in my life. This is just one example of several!

Too happy no matter what happens. Too many things to thank HIM for! THANK YOU FOREVER.

Have a blessed day!!!


  1. I love what your writing! U inspire me Xina!!!

  2. Thanks D! you need to go 'head & start one then~!

  3. I loves it Chris!! Isn't he BEYOND awesome! The things and the doors and walls he breaks down for us!

    Yikes I have to take the GRE too! I am glad it is possible with Him to study for only one week because that's all I can give it! lol! love you :-)

    Julie M. Baby


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