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Saturday, May 21, 2011

And so it begins, The Pursuit.

The Pursuit – a three month season, May 15th to August 4th, of intense consecration, prayer, worship and pursuit of Jesus tailored to young adults who have an ache in their soul to know the deep emotions of the Living God. The three months will include spending time in IHOP-Atlanta's prayer room where the worship, music and intercession continues 24 hours, 7 days a week. We are also on a media fast consisting of no television, movies, or radio; not even watching the playoffs.

Although I miss my community (friends, family) back home, I am glad to be here in this community for this 3 month season.

I have a lot to say and update so I’ll break up the posts by topic beginning with this one as a general overview.

My first week is complete, and it’s a pretty busy schedule. This week included orientation, move-in, classes, prayer room - praying, classes, goal-setting, reading, classes, service, prophecy, and classes. I like the classes. And to think, I told my friends, I was done with school. We will forever be students in some way; forever learning. I’ve also been applying for positions, that I will begin after this internship, and continuing to raise support.

There are eight interns taking part in The Pursuit, two in the Night: The Watch and Nitro and a family doing Intro. More information on each internship has been hyper-linked for your convenience. Perusing the website, you will see there are few more internships as well.

We have had several classes thus far which will continue throughout The Pursuit, and a few more which will begin next week.
  1. Foundations
  2. Understanding the Old Testament
  3. Encountering Jesus*
  4. Song of Solomon
  5. The Millennial Kingdom
  6. End Times
*This class was just during the first week. The schedule is pretty full from 10 to 8 and 10 to 10 on Friday.

We have also received several books to read during this season.
  1. Apostolic Foundations – Art Katz
  2. The Final Quest – Rick Joyner
  3. Unrelenting Prayer – Bob Sorge
  4. The Culture of the Kingdom - Billy Humphrey
  5. Until He Comes - Billy Humphrey
  6. The Heavenly Man – Brother Yun
  7. The Pleasures of the Loving God – Mike Bickle
I will spend many hours in the prayer room this summer and I would like to pray for you. It’s always good to have specific prayer points to agree with people on and join our faith to see what we say and request come to pass. Please send your requests to me at IHOP Email

I hope you do because my inbox is really empty right now. :)

For the prayer requests I’ve already received, thank you. Let’s keep praying and keep me updated on the progress.

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