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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The IHOP World – Lawrenceville

It’s funny because right after high school, I used to tell some of my classmates/teammates from high school, that I tried out for the MTV reality show: The Real World and I would be on the next season. Meanwhile, I was taking my Gen Eds & Psych classes in Champaign at U of I.

In all actuality, I never tried out for the Real World. I’m Nigerian; we can’t bring shame to our parents in that manner. The thought of it crossed my mind though: living with 6 strangers for 2.5 months in a different city.  

Well, what I said post-high school came to pass with a twist.

All The Pursuit interns are housed together by gender. We have guidelines that are intended to foster the consecrated environment. I’m living in a townhouse with 7 other women, one of the women is the core leader/RA from IHOP staff but she is also a young adult. There are two male interns in another house. This definitely was not one of my motivating factors in my decision to do The Pursuit.

I share a room with one other intern. I haven’t shared a room (as opposed to house or apartment) with anyone since 2004, as a resident in the dorms, in undergrad. And at 25, I am the oldest in the house with the others ranging from 18-24.

Living communally with 7 others, 6 who will share my same daily schedule, for the duration of this season, can at times be overwhelming. Sometimes, I desire a little privacy.

At times, it feels like I’m in a bubble but I’m also on the outside of the bubble, observing. This is an interesting group and at second glance, a diverse group of Christians, indeed.

Of course, here, there are no cameras, we’re not being filmed, but transparency is foreseeable. As it happens whenever you’re placed in a new environment, you’re bound to learn several things. I’m sure I will learn things I didn’t even expect from this experience.

So welcome to The IHOP World – Lawrenceville.

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