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Thursday, September 24, 2009


I have to go court watching for Trial Advocacy. I decided to try the Federal Courthouse to see a criminal jury trial today. Watching the R.Kelly trial live! last summer was still the best I've seen so far.

I think the defense attorney lost the case for the 3x & FEDERAL! defendant (which means he'll be going away for a loong time) when he started talking about "crack babies!"

Then somehow he started talking about Peter in the Bible and how the red font distinguishes that God is speaking, and how someone was getting popped in Chicago and Big D'Juan...

He also said "There is place in hell for anyone who deals cocaine." whaaaaaat?? I just wonder what was going on in the defendant's head while his attorney was "defending" him.

I didn't see the case from the beginning but based off that closing he must not have had much to go off or he is just bad. He can't be that bad if he made it to the ranks of Federal defender...but then again who really wants to defend people that are more likely than not, GUILTY? I don't....I have seen him before and he wasn't that impressive I think he did the same stunt, makes you think he is working for the other side.

Anyways, the US attorney rebutted with:

When the facts are against you; argue the law
When the law is against you; argue the facts
When the both are against you; confuse someone in the jury.

He definitely succeeded in the latter because even I was confused. For a second, I didn't know if I was in church, or at a comedy show. He threw all kinds of things in that closing. The jury is in deliberation but I don't think they'll be for long.

Yeah maybe he is guilty of drug possession, but as is commonly the case, he was the only black person in the courtroom.

The jury (of your peers) box had 3 females, 9 males, all Caucasian. My courtwatching badge indicated I was not related to him... nope we're not all related.

UPDATE: The Defendant was found Guilty on all counts; Conspiracy, Drug Possession and Trafficking.

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