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Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 1: Criminal Law

We’re taking diagnostic tests this week in the core subjects. Today we took criminal law.

I'm trying to figure out my schedule, it will be an intense 10 weeks. I’m getting a wealth of advice from my classmates who took the Bar in July and last year. I’ve been told to eat healthy and make sure I exercise. Apparently, the last couple of weeks are 18 hour days and it’s all studying. So I’m just getting mentally prepared for that. Part of me wants to start the 18 hour days now but I was advised not to so I don’t burn out by the time I really need to; save my energy for the final stretch. So we are in boot camp for the next couple of months.

Some of my favorite quotes of the day.

“Somebody is going to run out of the room to puke and hopefully, it won’t be you but somebody will.”
"It's Chicago, it's winter, it's cold, so someone next to you will have whooping cough" - part of a spiel to get us to invest in some ear plugs.

I'm trying to get my northside friends to make meals for me -- they think I'm joking but I'm so serious. I need to maximize my time.

I will be studying the notecards I make on the train rides. I haven't had to ride the train consistently like that since highschool apart from a short stint one summer junior year. Many characters and hustlers on the CTA, I try not to stare.

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