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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 2: Torts

I’m getting used to waking up at 5:30am, or I'm trying to, I will try to start my day that early. I was pretty consistent with waking up that early for a good part of the semester but then finals came and that kind of changes everything. Sometimes you get excited and sometimes you start to think too much. It’s like an emotional kiddie roller coaster or a swing set -- not as drastic as a regular roller coaster. I'm just going to focus on the positive and remembering everything that everyone expects you to know since "you're a lawyer now."

I think I've decided to take the class live. I was debating whether to take the class on demand after the first week but I see the value in having a live professor at your disposal to ask questions immediately.

Today was much better than yesterday. It's like studying for the LSAT mixed with being a 1L but with a little more wisdom.

By the way, I am sure once this week is over I probably won't be able to update this everyday. This week is the foundation week so we're supposed to take it "lightly" comparatively. But I seem to be getting a 12:30 feeling. I might need to pick up a caffeine fix until the end of February.

Favorite sound bite: re: contributorily negligent: "has more legal fiction than John Grisham can write in a lifetime" - I like John Grisham's legal fiction books.

By another way, did you know that mink eat their young? You learn interesting random facts from the multiple choice questions. Our professor said it's true. She's pretty funny which helps, but she is another lawyer who married a lawyer and is now divorced. I've heard that story too many times - what's really good? On a slightly brighter note, she is a female attorney, with children -- that's important.

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