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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 3: Evidence

It feels like it’s been a week already. I’m still working on my schedule and where I'll study when class ends at 1. Since it only took about 40 minutes to commute downtown the last two days, I tried leaving a little later today. But those 10-15 minutes makes a huge difference because now I’m competing with all the people that begin work at 9am and apparently a majority of them work around Clark and Lake.

This one girl always dresses up to class (it’s only been 3 days, but still). I don’t know how she does it but fist pump to her. Maybe it adds to your psyche. There is only one state that still requires you to dress up to sit for the bar exam, I think it’s Maryland or Virginia. They also make you dress up to class everyday in Nigerian law schools. Law school over there is one year though.

As for me, I’m layered up in boots, tights, cami’s and sweaters and I’m still cold. I would seriously send someone to the store that doesn’t mind going to get me appropriate winter stuff. This Chicago winter is something else. I haven’t really been in it in years. When I come home it’s my house to my car and my car to my destination. My destination for the next 10 weeks is downtown, I’m not driving downtown. Although, each time someone on the train coughs I really wish I had an anthrax or surgeon’s mask. I cannot get sick. Spring semester I got sick about 3 times, this past semester I don’t recall being sick at all – thank God. I want to keep it that way – which is why I also need appropriate winter stuff because this is not cutting it.

I’m thinking of which social networks I’ll keep on and off during this prep. I’ve already taken facebook off my phone as an initial step. But I like the interactive-ness of it but then again that might be a problem in and of itself so that might have to go. I might keep tweeting. I probably won’t BBM as much but I don’t have too many contacts on there anyway, so that’s okay.

Today’s diagnostic test was better as far as time and percentage correct combined. Each day has gotten progressively better with time and I feel good knowing I’m where I should be at this point. I’m trying to see if there is a correlation between the grade I got in the class and how I do on the diagnostic years later. I guess it also depends on subsequent courses which built upon the initial core class.

Our professor is a public defender. She used to tell her clients to dress like they were going to church until one guy came in a bright suit, alligator shoes and a fedora. Now she tells them to dress like a nerdy white guy. End quote.

Favorite quote: “Child custody is a case where your character is at issue ex. A case called Spears v. Federline (ba-dum-bum) that was cute. "Also in negligent hiring and firing – chester the molester cannot be the new school monitor and crossing guard.”

Also, I have the greatest friends ever, very supportive and their neighbors too!!! THANK YOU!!!

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