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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 4: Constitutional Law

*singing* "Our God is the Awesome God. There is none like You. With Him we win, He’s our Champion oooooh-oooooh! Our God is the awesome God, He is the greatest in all the earth, with Him we come in first, He’s our Champion!!!!"

My theme song during bar prep is ‘Champion’ by Tye Tribbett featuring Israel Houghton. I initially heard the song when my cousin posted it on google buzz a while back. Recently, a friend played it, and sent it to me through BBM = perfectly timed! It was on repeat during my commute this morning. Five miles in 10 minutes – the purple line is nice like that – Belmont to Howard.

Day 4: Constitutional Law - First Amendment, Equal Protection and host of other topics; it’s all coming back. Apparently we’ve learned thousands of rules during law school and we will review/learn many of them these next two months. The exam will be complete in exactly two months! Amen! Efficiency is the key. There is a lot to learn but the key is study efficiently and effectively. “The bar is all about testmanship and confidence. Confidence Cayenne in the house. Also “it’s not enough to just know the rule, you must know the exceptions.”

Technically, we have a break tomorrow for the holidays. The break just means we don’t have a live session in downtown, but there is still work to be done. Multiple choice questions every day. Tomorrow, I’ll scope out my study spots for the next 9 intense weeks. I also decided to incorporate exercising into my schedule after a reoccurring theme in the advice from recent bar takers. I've also been advised that blogging is not part of my schedule either so after this week, it's foreseeable that I will not post as frequently.

My foundation course professor is the eldest of seven children – none of them are twins, I asked (seven separate births, one couple - wow - Naija style). She was also a whiz kid – finished undergrad at 19 and law school at 22! Her parents were very active in invalidating the bill of attainder. The legislative punishment of a named group or individual without judicial trial is unconstitutional = bill of attainder.

I signed up for the live class for the rest of the course as opposed to my initial decision to take the remaining weeks of the class on demand. I think having other students around will add more to the structure. I don’t know any of them though, most of them are graduates from the city law schools, but I’ll meet them soon enough. Although, the group seated near me today, spoke so negative and pessimistic. I had to tune them out, because that’s not my portion.

Also, I do appreciate my friends checking up on me and helping! I tend to turn off my phone since it proves more effective than keeping my phone on silent. Although, sometimes it delivers texts late, or not at all – it is a crackblackberry *shrug* I might not be able to respond as timely, in the coming weeks. Nonetheless, I appreciate ya!

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